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According to Mehr reporter, at the end of June last month, while there were only a few months left in the 4-year term of Abdullah Azizi’s presidency of the Tehran Provincial Wrestling Board, with the notification of the General Directorate of Sports of the Province and the approval of the Wrestling Federation, he was dismissed and Mohammad Ibrahim Emami as the head of this The board was introduced.

Further, at the end of the four months of Imami’s supervision, his sentence was extended and finally the process of registration of candidates for the elections of the Tehran Wrestling Board began.

In the registration process of the candidates for the presidency of the Tehran Wrestling Board, which was carried out between November 30 and December 8, 5 people registered to participate in the elections. Based on this, Hadi Habibi, who holds a doctorate in physical education and is a member of the faculty of Kharazmi University, as the former head of the wrestling institute, the former head of the league organization, as well as the former coach and supervisor of the national team, along with Qasim Ali Asgari, the head of the office of the head of the wrestling federation, as the most prominent people for the presidency. Tehran’s wrestling board became a candidate.

However, in recent days, news about the disqualification of Hadi Habibi was published, and in response to this issue, he told Mehr reporter: “At the request of many Tehran wrestling people, I registered to participate in the election of the head of the Tehran wrestling board. At first, some of my friends They advised me to withdraw myself because they believed that the federation has its own opinion on the option it wants and everyone is aware of the close relationship between the president of the federation and the head of his office, but since it was my duty not to vacate the arena due to the concerns of the wrestling community in the capital, based on According to the existing rules, I completed the registration procedures at the appointed time.

“Unfortunately, things are happening these days that are not good for this field at all, and maybe one day I will let everyone know about them in detail,” he said. I have been informed that I do not have permission to participate in the Tehran elections due to the lack of documents. Of course, it has not yet been officially notified, although friends are throwing stones with all their might so that they can achieve their goal.

Habibi pointed out: “As the name suggests, elections are an official decision-making process during which people choose a person or persons for an official position for a certain period of time by casting votes in the election boxes to manage their public affairs, but it seems that friends who believe in They don’t have this issue and they plan to engineer the elections of the Tehran Wrestling Board to put the person they want on the post of president.”

According to Mehr reporter, Qasim Ali Asgari and Hassan Yarinia are the people who have been approved to participate in the election assembly of the Tehran Provincial Wrestling Board.

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