The strange statement of the Minister of Roads / 10 million Tomans installment is insignificant

According to Tejarat News, the Minister of Roads and Urban Development has announced the amount brought by an applicant from Tehran as 150 million Tomans, which according to the previous statements of the managers of the Ministry of Roads, applicants must pay 40 million Tomans in the first stage.

Rostam Ghasemi has said about the cash contribution of the applicants of the National Housing Movement plan: A person who lives in Tehran will become a landlord if he brings 150 million Tomans.

Previously, the amount of the initial income was announced as 40 million Tomans, and the total amount of cash income was to be paid in five stages.

Due to the fact that the loan amount is less for different cities, the amount of cash contribution of the applicants will probably be considered less than 150 million Tomans.

In the National Housing Movement plan, the government has set special conditions for applicants from the first to third deciles, one of which is less than the other applicants. Applicants who are in these deciles must pay an initial deposit of 20 million Tomans.

Due to the fact that this income must be repeated five times, the total amount of cash income for the first, second and third deciles is estimated at less than 100 million tomans.

Payment of installments commensurate with inflation

The Minister of Roads believes that the 10 million Toman housing installment is a small amount. He said: “Given the inflation above 40%, the 18% interest that the Supreme Monetary and Credit Council has considered for the facilities of the National Housing Movement plan is itself an advantage. Another point is that the facility is 20 years old. Today, if a person receives this 18% loan and pays, for example, five million tomans, considering the inflation of our country for the next 15 years, paying installments of 10 million tomans is not a significant figure. At the same time, we make sure that the applicants pay the installments in stages.

Since the amount of government mortgages for Tehran applicants is 450 million Tomans, which is paid at an interest rate of 18% and a 20-year repayment period, estimates of mortgage installments were about seven million Tomans, but the Deputy Minister of Roads denied this amount a few days ago. .

Mahmoudzadeh said a few days ago that the installments of seven million Tomans for the housing jump were not valid and that Tehran applicants were paying half of the amount in installments. Now the Minister of Roads does not consider the payment of 10 million Tomans in installments to be a significant figure.

Therefore, a Tehran applicant must repay a loan of 450 million Tomans with an 18% interest rate and bring in 150 million Tomans in cash.

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