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The twenty-fifth week of the Premier League Persepolis looking for a swan hunt/ the bottom of the table finals and the match between the red coaches in Ahvaz

According to the sports reporter of Fars news agency, 4 matches from the 25th week of the Premier League will be held on Thursday.

We take a look at these games;

Rafsanjan copper – Masjid Suleiman oil; An easy win for Rabiei’s students?

Mes Rafsanjan lost against Persepolis after 4 consecutive wins last week to remain in the sixth place in the league table with 37 points. Rabiei’s students are the 22nd in the Premier League with 13 draws, while Naft Masjid Suleiman has set the strike record this season, according to their head coach, Rafsanjani’s team does not have a very tough battle this week against Naft Masjid Sulaiman, a team that has scored 54 goals. They have the weakest defense in the league and have only 2 wins so far. Naft is an old and rooted team, which is one of the main options for relegation due to numerous financial and managerial problems. Even the head coach of the team, Ibrahim Ashkesh, called his players unprofessional last week and said that we have been relegated, but to defend our credibility, we must continue. Let’s play a good league!

The first leg of the two teams ended without a goal, but it is unlikely that Naft Masjid Suleiman will be able to score points against the prepared Mes Rafsanjan team.

Persepolis – Sailor Anzali; Swan hunting in freedom or creation of wonder?

This game is reminiscent of the memorable games of two teams in the Premier League and the National Cup in the not-so-distant past, when Melvan was one of the strongest city football teams in our country. did The first leg of the two teams ended with a single goal by Lokadia, the Dutch scorer of Persepolis, but tomorrow there will be no more news of this angry attacker. Persepolis is in the third place in the league table with a difference of 4 points compared to the leading Sepahan. Persepolis must finish its remaining matches in the league with a win and hope for the slippage of Sepahan and Esteghlal against their opponents so that they can return to the top of the table and hope for a championship this season.

The last win of the sailor was in the 18th week against Nasaji Mazandaran, but Persepolis won the 10-man Mes Rafsanjan last week to remain in the championship course. Maziar Zare and Melvan players have promised the fans to make up for last week’s home defeat against Tehran and if they get a point from Persepolis tomorrow, they will make their fans happy and of course the fans of Sepahan and Esteghlal.

Persepolis will not have Nia Kemal Soghed in tomorrow’s game due to injury. In two weeks, in the Premier League, the Capital Reds have to face Esteghlal in the most exciting second leg match, while 9 players have three warnings that may miss the derby. Milad Sarlak, Soroush Rafiei, Vahdat Hananov, Alireza Biranvand, Georgi Golsiani, Ali Nemati, Vahid Amiri, Mehdi Tarabi and Mohammad Omri are some of the red-faced people who are in danger of being warned and banned. Of course, some of them may prefer to get a yellow card tomorrow so that they can feel at ease about attending the derby! Of course, the strong hunting of Khazar is a priority because without a win in this game, Persepolis may leave the championship course early.

Abadan Oil Industry – Kerman Mes; The bottom of the table final

This game is without exaggeration a bottom of the table final. Although Naft Abadan has eight points less than the Mes team and is in the 15th place with 13 points, it is hopeful for the coming days because the managers of this club have sued the two Mes Kerman and Naft Masjid Suleiman teams for using unauthorized players and there is still a disciplinary vote in The details of these two matches have not been issued, and if the disciplinary committee gives 4 points for these two matches to Nafti, then Nafti will hope for survival in the Premier League more than in the past, provided that they get three points from Farzad Hossein’s students in this home game. get a house

Naft Abadan with Abdullah Veisi lost against Sepahan last week with a controversial goal and now they are looking for compensation. Mes Kerman, who is worried about refereeing, asked the football federation and the league organization to be careful in choosing the referee for this sensitive and final game! Mes Kerman’s last win was against Nasaji Mazandaran, and in the last three weeks, it is still in the danger and relegation zone with three draws. Mes won the first leg 2-0, but the second leg will not be easy.

Khuzestan Steel – Mazandaran Textile; Battle of Magenta Trainers

The battle between the two red teams of the league in Ahvaz will be spectacular, two teams that experience completely different conditions. After the separation of Nekonam and Alireza Mansourian, Foulad has won two games in the Premier League and is now in the 8th place with 31 points, but Mazandaran Textile has not yet won in the second round of the tournament and is on the 11th place with 24 points. Steelers are looking for a win in this home game, and the confrontation between Mansourian and Hamid Motahari, the former coach of Persepolis, will be interesting for the media and fans.

After the home loss against Gol Gharsirjan, Hamid Motahari criticized the referees committee again! If Foulad wins, it has a chance to climb to the seventh place in the table and replace Arak Aluminum, but if Nasaji does not score points in this game, it may fall to the thirteenth place in the table. Motahari’s students won the first game 2-1.

Tournament schedule:

twenty-fifth week; Commemorating the birth of Hazrat Imam Hassan Mojtabi (a.s.), the day of honoring and honoring the benefactors

Thursday, April 17, 1402
Mes Rafsanjan – Naft Masjid Suleiman – 19:00 – Martyrs’ Stadium of Mes Rafsanjan
Persepolis – Sailor Bandar Anzali – 19:30 – Azadi Stadium, Tehran
Abadan Oil Industry – Mes Kerman – 19:30 – Takhti Abadan Stadium
Folad Khuzestan – Nasaji Mazandaran – 21:30 – Ahvaz Folad Martyrs Stadium

Friday, April 18, 1402
Zob Ahan Isfahan – Golghar Sirjan – 19:30 – Foladshahr Stadium of Isfahan
Hawadar Tehran – Pikan Tehran – 19:30 – Shahada Pass Qawamin Stadium, Tehran
Arak Aluminum – Esteghlal – 19:30 – Imam Khomeini Stadium, Arak
Tabriz Tractor – Sepahan Foolad Mubarakeh Isfahan – 21:30 – Yadgar Imam Stadium, Tabriz

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