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According to Mehr Tim’s reporter Petrorefining Blish In the final match of the Premier League, Takestan was able to win the title of the championship of the country’s free wrestling premier league by defeating Bank Shahr.

In the final match of this tournament, which was held on Friday afternoon, the following results were obtained:

57 kg: Alireza Sarlak 3 – Zaurbek Ogoevwinner 3,

61 kg: Majid Dastan Safar – Abbas Gazi Magmedov 11

65 kg: Morteza Qiyazi 3 – Mohammad Ramzanpour 2

70 kg: Gas Messenger Magmedov 11- Mohammad Mehdi Yeganeh Jafari Safar

74 kg: Younes Emami 8 – Jamal Ebadi 2

79 kg: Zaurbek Sidakov 2- Ali Swadkohi, winner 2,

86 kg: Alireza Karimi 4 – Hassan Yazdani 7 –

92 kg: Amir Hossein Firozpur 7- Mohammad Javad Ebrahimi 3,

97 kg: Amir Ali Azarpira 1 – Mohammad Hossein Mohammadian 2

125 kg: Amir Hossein Zare 2 – Amin Taheri 1

It is important to have a team of mass builders Hoten He was also able to take the third place in the competition by defeating Sari stars.

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