They took away the reputation of Esteghlal/ Not all managers are blameless

In a conversation with Mehr reporter, Shahin Bayani criticized and expressed concern about the current condition of Esteghlal and said: Esteghlal complex suffered a big scandal. I don’t remember that they have ever seen these conditions in Esteghlal. Unfortunately, the situation of Esteghlal is getting more difficult day by day and it is the fans who are more worried about the future of their beloved team than anyone else. The exclusion from Asia, the closing of the transfer window and the possible points gain all indicate that Esteghlal’s future is not clear and no one wants to own up to these mistakes.

He emphasized: From the officials of the Ministry of Sports to all the managers of Esteghlal, past and present, they are involved in this bitter incident. The talks that took place between the CEO of the club and the head of the stock exchange organization, Parviz Mazloumi, challenged Esteghlal more than in the past, and now the fans are worried to see what will happen to Esteghlal in the coming days.

In response to the question of whether a solution will be found to solve this problem, Bayani said: This was not done when they could have paid the creditors’ claims without any problems. Time moved forward quickly and the time for independence became less, but every time it was talked about maintaining independence in Asia, the officials of independence promised and promised that this problem would be solved. Now, what solution will be used to solve this big problem should be answered by those who brought independence to this day.

In response to the question of who is the main culprit of this incident, the football expert said: Everyone is to blame for this incident. From the former officials of the Ministry of Sports and the managers of Esteghlal until today, if everything was in its place and proceeded according to the legal procedure, these incidents would not have happened to Esteghlal. Now that time has passed and promises have not been fulfilled and everyone is looking to blame others, it is Esteghlal football team and its fans who have been hit the hardest by this incident. Esteghlal, which is one of the most prepared football teams in Iran these days, could have had a lot to say in the Asian Champions League, but mismanagement, incompetence and incompetence have brought Esteghlal to these bad days.

Regarding Esteghlal’s match against Aluminum Arak on Friday, he said: Although the Blues are in a difficult situation, their winning streak did not stop. Although Esteghlal’s head coach has not received his demands for several months, he has not bowed his eyebrows and tried with all his heart, together with other members of the technical staff, so that the players’ focus is not on sidelines and their only thought is to win against their opponents. At the peak of their problems, the Blues played a good game against Zob Ahan and won to stay ahead of the championship course. Now, even though he does not have two or three of his players for the match against Aluminum, with the changes he will make, he is looking for another victory so that he does not fall behind the course and everyone is waiting for football events to reduce his distance with Sepahan and with Persepolis. slow down more

In the end, he said about Arak Aluminum team: Aluminum has performed well this season under the good leadership of Rahmati. Rahmati, who has been in Esteghlal for many years, now wants to face Esteghlal once again and this time to leave the field with three points in Arak. He is looking for a victory to prove himself more, but with my knowledge of Sapinto, the players and the preparation of his team, I think Esteghlal can leave the field as a winner at the end of this match to remain one of the main contenders for the championship.

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