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Three exhibitions in the field of flowers and plants, horticulture and entrepreneurship were opened in Mashhad

According to IRNA, the governor of Khorasan Razavi said at the ceremony on Monday evening: “Our view of work and employment is one-dimensional and not only attention to its livelihood, but our view of work on its educational, cultural and psychological dimensions, which is also a person of peace.” Gives and provides for his livelihood.

Yaqub Ali Nazari He added: “Our task is to provide a field of activity for women entrepreneurs. In addition to housework, working in the field of flowers and plants is also a refreshing and relaxing work for women. We hope that activities related to horticulture and vegetation will be considered.” Minimal water consumption in the province.

The mayor of Mashhad also mentioned the role of women in knowledge, spirituality and the promotion of religion throughout history and said: “Our women have shone well in the fields of art, literature and economics, an economy headed by a believing and chaste female manager.” If it is located, it will have no marginal issues and will be based on the path of progress.

Referring to the problems related to socially disadvantaged women and their need for jobs, Seyyed Abdullah Arjaei said: “Our duty to such women, both in terms of eliminating social harms and in terms of providing housing, jobs and basic needs, is very heavy.” In this regard, Mashhad City Council has issued permits to the municipality in order to alleviate some of the suffering of these injured women.

He stated: In the form of a four-way partnership between the municipality and Barakat Foundation, Alavi Foundation and one of the operating banks, we are going to allocate 100 billion Tomans each for the employment of injured women on the outskirts of Mashhad. And we are social welfare.

The director of the Alavi Foundation also said at the ceremony: “This foundation focuses on regional development and in this regard is one of the important projects for women’s empowerment and job creation for them.”

Vahid Khaoei added: “So far, in addition to North Khorasan province, the Science Foundation has taken measures in the cities of Khaf, Rashtkhar and the outskirts of Mashhad to help the vulnerable and create jobs for them, which has been the focus of most activities for women.”

He stated: “One of the accusations that has always been directed at the vulnerable group is backpacking. The Alavi Foundation, with the help of women’s employment, took some female backpackers out of backpacking and created jobs for them.”

Deputy of Environment and Urban Services of Mashhad Municipality in this ceremony, pointing out that due to the outbreak of Corona, the flower and plant exhibition was not held in Mashhad for two years, said: This year, with the efforts of the Municipal Parks Organization, an exhibition was opened in Mashhad. Mashhad urban green space is reflected in this exhibition.

Ali Najafi added: “Literally, we have the maximum participation of private sector activists in the flower and plant and park equipment exhibition in Mashhad, and although the current exhibition has one tenth of the cost of setting up flower and plant exhibitions in previous years, but the freshness and beauty of this event Has not decreased.

The head of the Sports and Youth Commission of Mashhad City Council also referred to the exhibition of women entrepreneurs in the country and said: “Holding such an exhibition related to women’s business with such quality in the country has been unprecedented so far.”

Seyed Hossein Alavi Moghaddam added: to attend the exhibition of products of women entrepreneurs in the country, the products of five thousand women entrepreneurs in the whole country were evaluated and the best works for this exhibition were selected and displayed.

Women entrepreneurs from 19 provinces participated in the first exhibition of women entrepreneur products of the country (Shahrbanoo) and exhibited all kinds of handicrafts and souvenirs of their region in the form of 252 booths in Attar Hall and all kinds of food in the form of 50 booths in the open area of ​​Mashhad International Exhibition. اند.

In the 19th International Exhibition of Flowers, Plants and Horticulture along with the 6th Specialized Exhibition of Park Equipment, participants from 11 provinces presented their products in the field of flowers, pots, fertilizers and seeds, garden tools, park equipment and tables and chairs in the form of 230 booths. They presented the Mashhad International Exhibition indoors and outdoors.

The total space allocated to this exhibition is 25,000 square meters and the exhibition is open to the public until May 10, from 4 to 10 pm.

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