Tuchel: The victory against Manchester United strengthens the spirit of Bayern Munich

According to Tasnim news agency, after Bayern Munich’s 4-3 victory over Manchester United last night (Wednesday) in the first week of the group stage of the European Champions League, Thomas Tuchel told DAZN that the result of the game was somewhat contradictory, because in the half We played better in the second half than in the first half, but in terms of results we lost the second half, while we won the first half. The final result of the game was good for strengthening the morale and self-confidence of our team, although it became clear that there is still work to be done in this team.

Tokhel, who watched the game from the stands due to suspension, added: “In all our games, we threaten the opponents’ goal and create scoring chances, but at the beginning of this game, our movements were too cautious and we were lucky that we did not fall behind.” The goals we scored helped to raise the morale and courage of the team and from then on we presented a smoother game. We are still not 100% satisfied, but the reactions my team showed were good.

The head coach of the Bavarians continued: In general, we can say that this victory was our right. Every victory in the Champions League is a great achievement. Every win against Manchester United is the same. Maybe we didn’t have the rhythm we wanted, and we could have done it after leading the opponent by 3-1, but we reacted very well with every goal we scored.

At the end, Tokhel praised the two players of his team, Jamal Musyala and Harry Kane, and said: The next step Musyala should take is to do his tasks more easily, instead of always trying to dribble and spin the ball around himself. It must be concluded that the use of experience and understanding is necessary to play football. However, I agree that his most important ability is his spins and dribbles. Kane also played an important role tonight in his position. We asked him to go around and find speed players on both sides. In the second half, he played a more prominent role.

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