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Using accrual tools to manage liquidity in National Bank

According to the financial news report According to the public relations of Melli Bank of Iran, in this conference, which was held with the presence of the members of the board of directors, the executive board, the heads of the general departments, as well as the head of the affairs department of the East Tehran branches, the heads of the areas and top branches of this general department, Abbas Shafiei said The use of accrual tools and other new financing tools plays an important role in the management and liquidity balance in the bank, he said: new financing methods in Melli Bank of Iran, including providing promissory notes, promissory notes and electronic promissory notes to customers. An important and fundamental solution for financial media is liquidity in the bank.

He further mentioned the profitability of the bank during the first six months of this year and said: By offering credit products and new accrual instruments, significant profitability can be achieved.

Stating that in today’s era, obtaining technological knowledge is considered one of the advantages of organizations, he emphasized: In the current era, the way to save organizations is to have sufficient mastery of technology and the creation of hardware infrastructure, which is an issue in banks. It feels double.

He further mentioned the establishment of electronic banking in the bank and said: during the Corona era, the bank was able to pay many small facilities by having software and payment systems, and this caused the pressure of the clients to decrease in the branches.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Bank of Iran further noted: Along with the implementation of the plans and strategies formulated and defined in the bank, as well as the efforts of our colleagues, we can get closer to our goals.

Shafi’i recalled: The administration of East Tehran branches was able to achieve success in a short period of time by setting goals and planning the right roadmap despite many difficulties.

He considered planning and goal setting as the two wings of success and said: To solve problems and remove obstacles in the bank, goals must be achieved through planning.

In the continuation of this conference, Hassan Monsan, a member of the board of directors of the National Bank of Iran, called attracting resources and managing liquidity among the bank’s important priorities and stated: The importance of attracting and maintaining new resources and attracting cheap deposits is one of the bank’s priorities this year.

In the continuation of his speech, he emphasized the necessity of observing financial discipline, identifying and investigating the factors affecting the increase of market share, implementing bank’s written policies, making maximum use of electronic banking capacities to earn profit, and also encouraging customers to use offline banking services. .

Monsan pointed out the key role of the heads of the units and added: the heads of the units should try to minimize the withdrawal of resources from the bank by planning in the last months of the year to gain the maximum trust and attract the satisfaction of the customers.

He added: It is necessary for the colleagues and officers of the units to interact with the credit customers of the bank and strive to provide the best possible types of banking products and services until the end of the year.

Emphasizing the need to increase the bank’s share in the competitive market and banking network, Monsan said: National Bank of Iran seeks to gain customer satisfaction by using existing capacities and presenting new plans.

In this conference, Bijan Moghadam Biranvand, Tehran’s vice president of branch affairs and marketing, emphasized the special role of branch heads in improving the bank’s performance, and added: Branch heads are effective in attracting resources to the bank through effective interaction and communication with customers.

He considered the link between the bank and the customers to be the heads of the branches and added: the heads and employees of the bank units can help preserve resources in the bank with accrual tools.

Moghadam Biranvand considered providing good services to customers as one of the inherent duties of this bank and added: one of the main priorities and plans for the bank is to provide a financial portfolio with new and innovative financing products and tools with the aim of increasing customer satisfaction and deposition of resources in It is the bank that colleagues must work harder to achieve these goals.

In a part of this conference, Seyyed Reza Khademi, the head of the branch affairs department of East Tehran, also gave a report on the performance of this branch affairs department and positively evaluated the current situation of this department in various indicators.

In this meeting, while presenting a report and reviewing the performance of the areas and branches of the East Tehran Branch Affairs Department, the employees expressed the relevant issues and the necessary solutions were presented by the senior managers.

This conference introduced and commended Seyyed Reza Khademi, head of Tehran’s Eastern Affairs Department, for winning the first place among Tehran branch affairs departments, Ali Reza Varamini, head of Shahr Jadidi Pardis branch, for winning the first rank of the first class branch among branches all over the country, as well as Mohammad Akbari. The head of the Bomehen branch finished as the tenth place among the branches of the country.

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