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Usolii: The national team can make history/ we asked FIFA to stop those who make the margins+film

According to Fars news agency, Ehsan Usoli said in a press conference: “Yesterday, we had a very good and very intimate meeting with the presidential office, and the send-off was very good.” In this meeting, the technical staff, players and head coach of the national football team and the head of the federation expressed their views. The result of this meeting was a very good and spectacular empathy, synergy and strengthening in the national team. The players, the technical staff and the group of servants of the dear people in the football federation have seen the support of the government and the Islamic Council in the past few months.

The meeting with the president was held in a cordial atmosphere

He added: “Mr. Dr. Raisi, the honorable presidency of the Republic of Iran was established in a friendly, sympathetic and synergistic atmosphere.” The players, technical staff and people’s servants in the football federation have witnessed the support of the honorable government for sports and football in the past few months. We also progressed the preparation of the national team well according to the plan. Yesterday, the players had a good farewell with the talks they heard and the friendly atmosphere that prevailed there. During the few hours we were among the players, we saw a friendly atmosphere among the national team players.

The result of pro-Iranian behavior cannot be the strengthening of competitors

The spokesperson of the Football Federation added: This atmosphere is very effective in creating a spirit of empathy among the players. The fact is that in these days, we have no doubt that anyone who cares about the pride of Iran should support this national team. We are witnessing an empathetic atmosphere in the government department, the parliament, the honorable ministry of sports and youth and all governing bodies in the federation and clubs, and we all stand by the motto chosen for the national team, and continue to work in an atmosphere of empathy. And we are moving in strengthening empathy and increasing the morale of the players, and as we move in this direction and strive for the elevation of Iran, we will cause the proud flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran to fly. This event is well formed. We have no doubt that any action or speech that tries to weaken this issue will cause our national team to have mental differences, and this in itself means that it will strengthen our national team’s competitors. No one can claim that I am a supporter of Iran and my country, but his words, sayings or writings will result in the strengthening of our national team’s rivals.

Iran can create surprises and make history

The spokesperson of the football federation continued: As a spokesperson, I consider it necessary to express the opinion of the federation and the football community. We all have no doubts that this team is the national team of Iran and that this competition is taking place in the most important world event called Iran. We are entering a serious, important and difficult situation. No matter how much we strengthen the national team and strengthen the morale of the players in this area, we have taken steps towards the elevation of our land, and on the contrary, we are hitting Iran and the name of Iran and strengthening the rivals of the national team. The Iranian national team is the first Asian team that has participated in this event with this strength, speed, authority and hope and very good planning and with good technical staff and good players in the best conditions. This team can create surprises and make history. Therefore, in this area, we invite all the people of our country that every step, movement and conversation we do should be in the direction of strengthening this team and the morale of these players, and it is not acceptable except this.

He emphasized: There are a number of predictions made in the FIFA code of ethics and ethical codes, but the reality is that we do not consider anything other than empathy and cooperation, moving together and waving the flag of our country, and God willing, we will move together until the national team in This important news is surprising.

The eyes of millions of Iranians are on the results of the national team

Usoli said about clearly stating whether something happened or not: In any case, in the field of football, it is important to strengthen the national team all over the world. In the field of activities we do, moving away from non-football suspicions is one of the important components of football and sports. It is not acceptable for any of the football fans and the people of this land to abandon our professional and polite attitude and behave inappropriately. I hope all the dear ones and all the people and all those who are effective, except for this issue, that our national football team will be able to participate in these competitions with strength and power, God willing, and get acceptable and good results and make the hearts of millions of Iranians happy. We all know that the eyes of millions of Iranians inside and outside of Iran and even beyond Iran and many countries in the region are on the results of this team, and the strengthening of this team is the most important component that is the pride and elevation of our country’s national team, and God willing, with the good prayers of the people, we will make a surprise. .

We asked FIFA to stop the margin makers

He said that some special people in Qatar are trying to create tension for our country’s national team, but today it was said that the Qatari authorities did not give a positive answer to these people, and it is possible that Qatar itself will prevent these people from entering the stadium. He asked the Qatari authorities to maintain the peace of the national team and said: The issue of holding sports events is that this event is the most important and biggest sports event in the world. It has its own principles, protocols and frameworks. Based on the same principles and frameworks that all countries and teams should work in calm conditions and away from tension. in a calm situation and away from the sidelines and just play and have their own technical conditions. This is a right reserved for all teams. On the same basis, we have emphasized the right of the national team and the right of our dear land, and on behalf of the people of Iran and the fans, we emphasized that these should be respected, and we had correspondence with FIFA, and we requested that if there were any circumstances that would allow our team to It seems that the organizers of the World Cup are exactly doing their duties in order to cooperate with us and comply with the protocols.

National team players are like Iranian soldiers

The spokesperson of the Football Federation said about FIFA’s ethical codes: The players of the national team are very cooperative and believe and are more aware of these issues than all of us. Each and every player of the Iranian national football team is like the soldiers of our Iranian land, who leave with nothing but winning and getting results, making proud and succeeding in their minds.

The entire national team that was in Iran went to meet the president

Asulii about the fact that the press conference that you held today is an emergency and it is clear that it is related to certain people who have posted in this one or two days and some of them without having any football information say why our national team went to meet the president half and half. , said: All football players know that the team that went to see Mr. President yesterday was the entire team that was present in Iran, and the rest of the players and members of the national team went to Doha because they were legionnaires from the countries where they operate; Of course, with the news that I have, this team is complete today and everyone has gathered together. It is the same in all international competitions. Football players know these issues very well. Those who say this are definitely not aware of the conditions of the national team and football, and they probably do not follow the news and want to present the facts in a different way, but the reality is that the entire national team who were in Iran, attended the meeting with the president.

It is customary to support the national team

In response to the Fars reporter’s question that because there have been some rumors that the president has given 10 gold coins as a bonus to the players, is this an issue regarding the dignity of the players of the national football team, he stated: First of all, the material and spiritual support of the government has been customary in the past and We know his records. The government of the Islamic Republic has supported nationals in different eras and has given rewards that deserve appreciation and gratitude. This happened when we qualified for the World Cup. After this, it is quite common in the whole world and football. So there is something to be thankful for. From the honorable Ministry of Sports and Youth, the honorable government who had a supportive view of the national team players.

Some say white yogurt is black!

The spokesperson of the Football Federation stated that some people wanted to put the national team players under pressure in this way: the presence of the players in the send-off ceremony was based on planning and routine, which happened in the past. The reality that we see in the national team and the players and in the meeting we had yesterday and the conversations that took place were very sincere, friendly and optimistic, and we should be thankful, but some people are like this, they say that the yogurt is white, it is black, and they say that the bright day is dark. It’s not our problem anymore!

Everyone with every color, look and taste is thinking of raising the name of Iran

Regarding how serious the warning you gave based on FIFA’s code of ethics can be, he said: We have clear and specific rules that all clubs have a disciplinary code. For this issue, the clubs themselves enter if their club wants to enter the sidelines or cause the national team to be sidelined. Issues have already existed. The votes in this regard have been issued before and you all know. Of course, we have an empathetic atmosphere in football, we are not based on what exists in the football atmosphere and the general atmosphere of the country, we have an empathetic atmosphere. In the city and on the street and everywhere we go, there is a supportive atmosphere and everyone with every color, look and taste is thinking of promoting the name of Iran and the national football team is important to them and the success of the team is important to them. Of course, those who are knowledgeable and technical have said many times that this national team is technically the most capable team that can make history, and God willing, with the grace of God and the good prayers of the people, this will happen.

Damask rose? No; My words have a general audience!

Regarding the fact that your words seem to be more about Yahya Golmohammadi, the head coach of Persepolis, Usoli said: No, my words have a general audience.

Kirosh wanted to use the maximum time to announce the names

The spokesperson of the Football Federation said about the disruption of the press conference of Queiroz and that the technical staff of the national team is apparently being pressured, he said: I also do not know the reason for the delay and cancellation, what they said was for technical reasons. He wanted to announce the list and you saw that he invited four goalkeepers. This is the head coach’s right and he used it as long as he had and it doesn’t seem like something complicated, difficult or special. This word is one of those words that some people say out of place.

I do not comment on technical issues

Regarding the criticism of Queiroz’s national team list, he said that we won four goalkeepers and we have one player less than other teams. Maybe it would be better if there was a player from the Omid team in the team, he said: I don’t comment on technical issues. He is completely independent. Keyrosh is the authority and decision-maker, and he is definitely responsible, and we do not comment in the technical field in the federation.

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