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Volleyball Nations League The twentieth Iran-US / Yankee dispute over the idea of ​​proving invincibility

According to the sports reporter of Fars News Agency, the second week of the 2022 Nations League started yesterday (Tuesday, June 21) in Sofia, Bulgaria and Queenson, Philippines, where the Iranian national volleyball team will play in the fourth group in Sofia.

Behrouz Atai’s students played against Bulgaria in their first match of the week last night, losing 3-0 to China (Australia and Australia), three defeats (Netherlands, Japan and Bulgaria) and six Score points to be ranked 11th in the table.

On the other hand, the American national volleyball team, which finished the first week with four consecutive victories and topped the table, will face Slovenia tonight (Wednesday, July 1) in its fifth match in the League of Nations.

The match between the volleyball teams of Iran and the United States in the second week of the League of Nations is the twentieth official match between the two teams in history, in which the Americans have won 13 times in the previous 19 matches.

In this match, the rejuvenated Iranian team is trying to win the seventh volleyball victory of our country against this powerful team, which will be a very difficult task. Because the US national volleyball team has 21 medals of major world volleyball events, including three gold medals and the Olympic title (1984 Los Angeles, 1988 Seoul and 2008 Beijing) in its honorary record.

The 1986 Men’s World Cup in France, two World Cup winners in 1985 and 2015, and two World League gold medals in 2008 and 2014 are other honors of the US national volleyball team.

The list and results of the matches between the national volleyball teams of Iran and the United States are as follows:

1970 (World Cup): Iran (2) – USA (3)

2006 (World Cup): Iran (0) – USA (3)

2011 (World Cup): Iran (0) – USA (3)

2013 (Champions Cup): Iran (3) – USA (2)

2014 (World League): Iran (0) – USA (3)

2014 (World Cup): Iran (3) – USA (2)

2015 (World League): Iran (1) – USA (3)

2015 (World League): Iran (1) – USA (3)

2015 (World League): Iran (3) – USA (0)

2015 (World League): Iran (3) – USA (0)

2015 (World Cup): Iran (1) – USA (3)

2016 (World League): Iran (1) – USA (3)

2017 (World League): Iran (0) – USA (3)

2017 (Champions Cup): Iran (3) – USA (2)

2018 (League of Nations): Iran (0) – USA (3)

2018 (World Cup): Iran (0) – USA (3)

2019 (League of Nations): Iran (0) – USA (3)

2019 (World Cup): Iran (1) – USA (3)

2021 (League of Nations): Iran (3) – USA (0)

2022 (League of Nations): Iran? – America?

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