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Volleyball needs new blood/consider the Olympics to be lost – Mehr news agency Iran and world’s news

In an interview with Mehr reporter, Mohammad Turkashund said about the fight between the former head coach of the national team Behrouz Atai and Milad Ebadipour in the media: it is not right to mediate some issues on behalf of the player and the head coach of the team. The breath is wrong. As a professional player, Milad Ebadipour should be restrained and it was not right to give an interview. He was removed from the national team for any reason, and people knew that it was not his birthright to be removed, and I think this was enough for him.

He added: “Maybe it would have been better if Milad had been a professional, but unfortunately, maybe he was given wrong advice.” Atai was the head coach of the national team and I sometimes criticized him, but I believe this is not correct. I hope the federation will make a big decision and end this attitude as soon as possible because these issues are not in the dignity and character of Iranian volleyball.

Iranian volleyball expert said: Unfortunately, Iranian volleyball is not doing well. The term of the chairmanship of the referee will end in a month, and everything should be determined as soon as possible, and whoever is elected as the head of the federation should decide on the selection of the head coach of the national team as soon as possible. The head coach of the national team should not have a team in the league and it does not matter if he is Iranian or foreign. In any case, he must devote his time to the national team. Even the assistants who come to the team with the head coach must be available to the national team all the time.

Turkashund noted: The head coach of the national team should be determined as soon as possible to monitor the Premier League as well. If someone really betrayed the national team and if proven, he should be banned forever. Unfortunately, the issue of gambling has been raised in Iranian volleyball for several years, but it must be dealt with seriously. This issue is unforgivable both at the national level and at the club level.

Iranian volleyball expert said: If issues like gambling or vaping by a veteran player of the national team are true, then this criticism should be directed at the technical staff and the head of the team, why didn’t they announce these issues earlier! If any player did this, he should be fired because it’s no joke. These issues belong to the federation, which should have been dealt with seriously. In this situation, no one would allow themselves to do these things. At the club level, these issues were discussed, but in the national discussion, it is really a disaster and regrettable.

Regarding the upcoming elections in the volleyball federation, he said: The best thing is to determine the head of the federation first. Because if a coach is recruited now, there is no other aspect other than the addition of 6 to 7 months of a contract. Unless the coach considered by the federation is going to sign a contract with another team, in this case the federation is forced to choose. But normally, it does not bring anything to the volleyball federation except for the financial burden. Therefore, the best thing to do is to determine the role of the head of the federation.

The Iranian volleyball expert noted: If a referee is sure that he will be the head of the federation for the next four years, the case is completely different. But if he retires and can no longer work in volleyball, he should leave the selection of the head coach to the future head and he will decide according to the conditions. The new president of the federation must sign a four-year contract with the head coach of the team. The fact is that no coach can change the national team in two months. It should be provided to the coach so that if we miss this Olympics, we can at least participate in the next Olympics.

Turkashund emphasized: Currently, the conditions of the national team to participate in the Olympics have become very difficult, it is not at all the case that we think that we can defeat all the teams in the League of Nations and the work of promotion will be easy. A think tank was also formed in the federation, but no attention was paid to it. Definitely, the national team had problems and sidelines, and these issues caused the team to fail to reach a conclusion. In my opinion, Iranian volleyball needs fresh blood. We cannot deny the hard work of refereeing in volleyball, our team got good results during his presidency and we also got good results in Asia, but in the last few years, the team has declined drastically.

He said: while our national team had conditions that could go beyond Asia and achieve results in the world. I think the situation in volleyball should change. The referee can share his experiences with others. In the past few years, youth advisors were present in the federations, but they also destroyed this positive work. As the players retire and say goodbye to the world of championships, the presidents of the federations have the same conditions and each president has a limited term for the presidency.

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