We also break the record of a Moroccan for the world champion/France

According to Mehr news agency, Rizwan Sais, who went to Doha to support the Moroccan national team at the age of 70, said: I came to Qatar to support my son and his teammates, and at this age, I cheered Morocco with all my heart for 90 minutes. we did. We made history in this cup and of course we still want to continue on this path.

Sais added: I myself played in the French league in my youth. Today I must say that we are proud of my son and his teammates. They made history and reached the top four teams in the world. God willing, we will beat France and reach the final.

In the end, he said about the injury of Saiss, the captain of the Moroccan national team: “My son’s injury was painful for me sitting on the stands, but I want the team members to continue on their way and complete this success.”

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