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According to Mehr News Agency, Tooraj Malek Mohammadi, Chairman of the Wrestling Federation’s Medical Committee, in an interview with the Wrestling Federation’s public relations, stated the following: Along with these changes, he was peeling, and in the last meeting of the board of directors, Mr. Dabir gave us instructions that we must use specialized personnel with relevant documents in the medical committee.

He continued: “During this period, the Wrestling Federation in the field of physiotherapy, which is one of the main and essential needs of wrestlers, has purchased very new devices with the cooperation and supervision of the Sports Medicine Federation, and in my opinion, these devices are the newest in physiotherapy.” It has applications. Of course, I must say that the Sports Medicine Federation has helped us to buy these devices in detail. Because in the past, a device was purchased, but these purchases were unstudied and only expertise was done to purchase the required devices.

The head of the wrestling federation’s medical committee stated: “We do our work in such a way that there is no interference in the house of Shahid Sadrzadeh and the house of Shahid Hadi.” That is, if the youth and adolescent camp is held in one ship house and the adult camp is held in another ship house at the same time, there will be no interference between the two camps in terms of physiotherapy and medical work, and of course massage. Because we do not think it is nice for an Olympic wrestler to be treated in the same place as a wrestler who is still in his infancy and young.

He continued: the necessary equipment has been purchased and the location has been done and we will not interfere with the start of the arrows. Malek Mohammadi said: the magnet device for the lower and upper limbs, the laser device and the ultrasound device have been purchased. In addition, Takar device, which is the latest physiotherapy device, has been prepared and located. The plan is that as far as wrestling as the first sport in the country is concerned, we should also move in the medical discussion of this field.

He said: “The next issue is the fight against doping, which has been emphasized by the Wrestling Federation and Mr. Dabir himself in the last two and a half years, which is being seriously pursued.” He added: “There is a very good interaction between the Wrestling Federation and the National Anti-Doping Headquarters. We have had several meetings with various elements of the National Anti-Doping Headquarters in Mr. Dabir’s office.” At any time outside the competition, inside the competition and inside the camp, we will test the athletes for doping according to the legal requirements. We will not have any test restrictions. The diagnosis is with the wrestling federation and the medical committee as to when the test will be taken so that we can have a clean sport, and we will certainly not compliment anyone on this.

Malek Mohammadi said: In the field of massage, Mr. Dabir emphasized that the medical committee should closely monitor the selection of massagers and after approval, we can use the best and most experienced massagers for national teams. Because massage is the most important issue for athletes.

In the end, he noted: Regarding the cooperation and interaction of the Medical Committee and the Wrestling Institute, according to the order of the Federation, we have a very close cooperation and interaction with this scientific center and we have welcomed this cooperation and seek to improve sports medicine for coaches. And have referees and athletes in these cases.


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