We want to climb to the top / change tactics

According to the Mehr reporter, Javad Nekounam said in a press conference before the match between Khuzestan Steel and Akhal Turkmenistan in the Asian Champions League: “The second part of the Champions League will start for us tomorrow.” Our whole focus is on tomorrow’s game. I repeat we have a tough team and all the teams are good. Both we and Akhal know each other better and the game will be harder. We know the conditions of the game and its sensitivity. We need to play with full focus tomorrow and use the mistakes of the previous match.

He added: “Akhal Farda will play with all its might to win and keep itself on the climbing course.” This makes our task heavier. You have to win this cup. We did not win the first two games despite our merits. We won the third game at the last minute. This is very important and vital for us.

The head coach of Foolad stated: We have planned for this complete competition. We do not want to be the second team in the group. All teams like to climb to the top. Our focus is to get maximum points. The important thing about this climb is to have maximum focus in each match and get maximum points. We do not pay attention to our current position in the table.

Nekounam reminded: “Tomorrow’s game is definitely different.” The important thing is what position we get on the last day when the games are over. Each game has its own importance. We need to play with every focus and energy in every game and succeed.

The steel coach also said: “Because of the knowledge that the two teams have found each other, we have predicted a completely different tactic for tomorrow’s match so that we can beat the opposing team.” Akhal will definitely have changes that we are ready for. Our whole focus is on our team. It would be different if there was a gap between the two games, but with a gap of three days, we need a lot of concentration and it makes it difficult for the two teams to know the players. Tomorrow we will start the game completely by changing the system and tactics.

In the end, Nekounam said about the tightness of the Champions League matches: “Certainly, the players get tired mentally and physically, and recovery is very important.” We tried to prepare the team mentally and physically. In these tournaments, there are restrictions on tactical work.

According to the Mehr reporter, Hamid Bohamdan, the midfielder of Foolad, also said in the press conference of this match: “We have a difficult game with Akhal.” We know what we want from the game. This race can be the key to our ascent. I hope we can win with focus and seriousness.

Regarding the effect of the win in the first leg for the return match, he said: “It has a 100% effect.” In the game, we made things difficult for ourselves. We could have scored sooner and not used our chances. God willing, we will use our opportunities in this game.

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