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What is Golmohammadi’s condition for Abdi to return to training?

According to Fars News Agency’s sports correspondent, Persepolis striker Mehdi Abdi was disciplined by the Persepolis technical staff for attending the Azadi Stadium to watch the textile and aluminum match in the elimination cup final, and was not allowed to participate in group training yesterday.

Persepolis training is closed today and Abdi is scheduled to attend Persepolis training from tomorrow to be ready to play with Peykan along with other players.

Persepolis head coach Yahya Golmohammadi had made an interesting condition for his team’s striker for Abdi to return to training, and by fulfilling this condition, Abdi will be able to attend training tomorrow.

Golmohammadi condition for Abdi to return to training to perform the test coronavirus And provided a negative answer to this test was conditional and since the test answer Crown Negative Abdi, he will be able to return to group training from tomorrow.

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