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What will be the task of the Iranian national volleyball team to win the Olympic quota? – Mehr news agency Iran and world’s news

According to the reporter of Mehr, the national volleyball team ended its work in the Olympic qualifiers with 6 defeats and only one victory and got an unexpected result. Before participating in these competitions, Behrouz Atai, the former head coach of the national team, had announced that we promised ourselves to receive the Olympic quota in Brazil; But volleyball people and experts in this field almost knew that this was not possible because the national volleyball team in the League of Nations, thanks to the points freezer been in place the tenth and this team won only two out of 12 games in the League of Nations and lost in 10 matches.

In the Asian Championship, despite the fact that these competitions were held in Urmia and the executive agents and the federation did their best to make Iran win the championship by using the hosting privilege. But Atai’s students fell short against the strong Japanese team and ended up as runners-up. Therefore, it was a futile expectation if we thought that the national volleyball team with this background would be able to face strong teams like Brazil and Italy in the Olympic qualifiers.

Iran’s national volleyball team had nothing to say in the Olympic selection competition. The first match of this team was against the Olympic team of Germany, in which the national volleyball team suffered a heavy defeat. While the German team had lost the game against Iran in the League of Nations, but their efforts paid off after the League of Nations and this team not only defeated Iran, but also won the Olympic quota of Group A of the tournament and without any He also lost to the Olympics.

The loss against the teams of Ukraine and the Czech Republic dealt the last blow to the underpowered Iranian team. Behrouz Atai could not bear the criticism anymore and resigned from his position. Of course, the departure of this coach did not heal the pain of Iranian volleyball, and finally the national team ended its career with 6 losses and one victory against Qatar and placed in the 15th place in the world ranking. The position of the national team in the world ranking is even lower than the Turkish team.

Before that, the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) approved and announced how 24 teams (12 men’s teams and 12 women’s teams) will advance to the Paris 2024 Olympic volleyball tournament. Apart from France, which won the right to participate in the Olympics due to hosting points, 11 other teams in the men’s and women’s groups qualified for the Paris Olympics through a 2-stage process (through the Olympic qualifiers and the teams’ position in the world ranking). will get

With the end of the Olympic qualifiers, the faces of the six teams advancing to the Olympics were determined through the quota, and the teams of Poland, America, Brazil, Japan, Germany and Canada succeeded in receiving the license to participate in the Paris Olympics through the direct quota. American, Polish and German volleyball teams did not have any losses in their records in this period of the competition and won the qualification to participate in the Paris Olympics with seven victories.

After the end of the 2024 League of Nations qualifiers, the other five quotas are based on the two priorities that all continents are represented in the Paris Olympics, as well as the top teams in the world rankings who have not advanced to the Olympics by the end of the 2024 League of Nations qualifiers. will earn Considering that the African continent was the only continent that did not get a direct quota from this tournament, a separate quota is awarded to the African continent.

According to the ranking, the other four quotas are awarded to the teams that did not get a direct quota, with these conditions, the Iranian national volleyball team, which is currently in the 15th place in the world ranking, has a difficult task to climb and must make every effort for the 2024 Nations League to able to win the Olympic quota through it.

The ranking of the teams will be calculated at the end of the qualifying stage of the 2024 League of Nations. Of course, if we consider the quota for the Paris Olympics according to the current schedule, the teams of Italy, Argentina, Slovenia and Serbia will get a quota, but the work is not over yet and there are 12 more games to go.

Before the Olympic qualifiers, Iran’s national volleyball team was in the 10th place in the world ranking, and this made the officials of the Volleyball Federation to constantly emphasize that Iran can receive the Olympic quota, and even refereeing before these matches. In an interview, he had announced that Iran had received the quota for the Olympics, but now, with the fall in the world ranking, Iran’s participation in the Paris Olympics has become uncertain. The national team is no longer among the top 10 teams in the world, and this issue can be the Achilles heel of the team to participate in the Olympics.

After the poor results of the national team in the Olympic qualifiers, the head referee of the Volleyball Federation, whose four-year term as president will end soon (November 29), apologized to the people for the poor results and announced that he will soon be happy with the results with a first-class foreign coach. It brings volleyball back to the people.

Whether or not the referee can sign a contract with a top foreign coach during the period of his presidency is not included here, but the issue that should be paid attention to is the results obtained by the national team with the Iranian coach. In fact, the national team fell behind world volleyball with Atai, and the national team definitely needs a first-class foreign coach to save volleyball from this crisis.

Of course, when a foreign coach is recruited for the national team is also very important. In the Tokyo Olympics, a few months before these important competitions, Alkeno Volleyball Federation chose a well-known volleyball coach to lead the national team, but this coach was only in the national team for a few months and could not get the desired result, and the national team In the Tokyo Olympics, he was eliminated from the competition after losing against Japan.

What will be the task of the Iranian national volleyball team to win the Olympic quota?
The national volleyball team is ranked 15th in the latest world ranking

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