When does the deadline for opening a representative account for car purchase / main registration start?

According to the online economy report, according to the notice included in the integrated car supply system; Applicants can open a proxy account for 100 million Tomans in the name of the support organization in one of the 26 declared banks until 24:00 on Friday, May 29.

Based on this, only the qualified applicants whose information has been sent by the bank, can register from June 3rd to June 10th in order to form a queue list (waiting list) for announced cars, in the system https://www. take action.

The second stage of the integrated plan for the supply of domestic cars based on the queuing process under the supervision of the consumer and producer support organization with the aim of a wide and transparent supply of domestic cars in view of the increase and stabilization of the flow of car production in 1402, as well as the planning carried out for the continuous increase in production will be

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