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When Zidane returns to Real Madrid + honors

According to Fars News Agency, in 2016, on such a day, French coach Zinedine Zidane took over the leadership of the Real Madrid football team.

The Galatasaray had regressed with Rafael Benitez, and Zizou eventually replaced the Spanish coach.

Zidane left for Real Madrid on January 4 as Florentino Perez’s Christmas present.

The French coach left for Madrid in a situation where there was less hope for the team to win the Champions League, but Real managed to win the title not only this season, but also in two more seasons, to record three victories. Be in the Champions League.

He led Real Madrid until May 2018 and was named the best football coach of 2017 by FIFA.

Zidane, however, returned to Real in 2019 and won the La Liga and Super Cup in 2020 with the Galatasaray.

* Zidane’s honors at Real Madrid as head coach

3 Champions League titles,

2 La Liga titles

2 championships in the Spanish Super Cup

2 European Super Cups

2 World Club Championships

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