Xavi’s salary has doubled after the extension of the contract with Barcelona

According to Tasnim news agency, as expected, Barcelona extended the contract of Xavi Hernandez for one season to keep the 43-year-old coach on the Catalan bench until the end of June 2025. In early November 2021, the former Barcelona midfielder took charge of Barcelona in his second coaching experience and replaced Ronald Koeman. Xavi has made positive changes in this team and led Barcelona to the championship in La Liga and the Spanish Super Cup last season.

According to the report of “Radio Catalonia”; Xavi’s salary has increased from 4 million euros per year to 8 million euros per year with the extension of his contract. Also, the total salary of his staff, which was previously 1.5 million euros per year, reached 4 million euros per year.

Barcelona released the following video on the occasion of Xavi’s contract extension:


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