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فارس من | Request for production of raw materials for diaper production in the country

According to the economic correspondent of Fars News Agency, the users of “Fars Man” system registered the scan “Why is there no will to produce diaper raw materials in the country?” They asked the officials to prepare the ground for the production of raw materials for the production of diapers in the country.

Critics of the lack of production of raw materials for the production of baby diapers, users of the “Fars Man” system wrote that currently, one of the costs in the margins of childbearing is the unbridled price of baby diapers, so that the average cost of this consumer product for households is about 800 thousand tomans per month.

Therefore, the signatories of this movement asked the relevant officials, especially in the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, to provide the technology and infrastructure for the production of diaper raw materials, especially through knowledge-based companies in the country.

According to Fars, about 80% of the raw materials for diaper production, including pulp and liquid absorbent material, are supplied through imports.

According to cellulose manufacturers, one of the reasons for the import of paper pulp used in diapers is the lack of natural resources such as wood in the country.

Given the limitations of natural resources in the production of raw materials for the production of baby diapers in the country, it seems that knowledge-based companies should enter into this issue and, if possible, provide alternative solutions to supply raw materials for this consumer product.

The CEO of a manufacturing company had previously said in an interview with one of the media that “our largest source of cellulose in Iran is sugarcane bagasse”, which is also found in abundance in Iran and produces good fibers. Wood is not available, it is a good alternative; Annually, 300,000 tons of wood paste are needed for diapers, newspaper paper, writing paper, etc., and this means that we need to produce 1,000 tons per day, and we need 4,000 tons of bagasse per day, which requires a lot of effort. It is a “national project” in which technology must enter and supply raw materials.

Therefore, given the importance of supplying raw materials for the production of baby diapers in the country, if it is possible to reduce part of the need to import raw materials for diaper production through the production of alternative raw materials, the relevant officials in different parts of the government should support Knowledge-based companies to provide the production of raw materials required for this product in the country.

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