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10 special radio program on the occasion of the birthday of Imam Hassan Askari (AS) will be aired

According to the reporter of Fars News Agency, on the occasion of the birthday of Imam Hassan Askari (AS), various special programs have been prepared on the radio channels. Based on this, 10 special programs with the approach of investigating the dimensions of the life and times of the 11th Imam will be aired on radio networks.

The special details of Imam Hasan Askari’s birthday programs are as follows:

Radio Iran

On the eve of the birth anniversary of the 11th star of the sky, Iran Radio presents various programs. “Bahar Jan” examines the importance of being a follower of Ahl al-Bayt (PBUH) in the smallest matters of life and paying attention to the way and behavior of those dignitaries. This program will be broadcast on Monday at 10:00 PM. Also, “A word from your name” will be broadcast on Tuesday, November 2, at 10 o’clock, based on a hadith of Imam Hassan Askari (a.s.).

Radio Javan

The special program of Radio Javan Network titled “Shem Man” will be broadcast at 15:00 on the frequency of Radio Javan 88 MHz. This program will examine and explain the biography and life of Imam.

Radio Maarif

At the same time as the anniversary of the 11th Shining Akhtar of Imamat and Velayat, the program “Stare Barun” will be broadcast on Maarif Radio. This program, while discussing the life of Imam Hasan Askari (AS), will explain and describe the recommendations of that Imam Hammam regarding moral and social issues. Also, the biography of Imam Hassan Askari (AS) and his lifestyle from the perspective of that great Imam are among the other topics of this program. Star of Rain will be broadcasted on Monday, November 1 at 20:15 on Maarif Radio.

The live program “Aftab Hossein” also narrates the cultural, personal and social life of that Imam Hammam and expresses his lifestyle. Also, getting to know the cultural patterns and ways of communication between Imams and Shiites is one of the topics discussed in this program. This program will be broadcast on Tuesday, November 2, at 9 o’clock on Maarif Radio.

culture radio

Special for “Yek Asman Hasan” program, an audible narration about the hadith of Imam Hassan Askari (AS) in the description of Shia from the language of Dr. Rafiee’s Hujjat al-Islam, which can be heard from the history and thought group of Radio Farhang. Examining the relationship between man and God from Imam’s point of view in the words of Hojat al-Islam Morteza Aghamohammadi, a member of the Al-Mustafa community, and Dr. Mohammad Hossein Devani’s description of the title of Askari, broadcasting a part of Malika’s telling book in the form of a show, a report, is one of the most important parts of this program.

Economy radio

The fun morning program “New Day” is broadcast with the approach of information and economic demand with the aim of increasing the awareness of the listeners and focusing on justice. In this program, on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Imam Hassan Askari (AS), it deals with his economic thoughts with the presence of religious experts. This program is broadcast from Saturday to Thursday at 6:30 on Radio Ekhtaz.

Radio show

The special program “Sing in the name of Parwaneh Abu Muhammad” narrated by Mehrnaz Shabani talks about the actions taken by Imam Hasan Askari (AS) during his Imamate. This program will be broadcast live on Tuesday, November 2nd at 7:30 on Radio Show.

Radio Quran

The special program “Eshraq” will focus on the moral characteristics and behavioral patterns of Imam Hassan Askari (AS), listen to this program on the night of Milad at 21:00 on Radio Quran.

Radio Saba

On the occasion of the birthday of Imam Hassan Askari (AS), Saba Radio airs the “Sabamak” program as a special program. This special program is presented to the audience in a happier atmosphere and in the form of performing humorous shows and playing humorous songs and jokes with the presence of artists and veterans.

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