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106 travel agencies were closed and suspended in Tehran

The deputy of tourism of Tehran province said: 106 travel and tourism service companies were closed and suspended in the first quarter of 1402.

According to Moj News Agency, Ali Rafiei said: Based on the periodic inspections of the inspectors of the Deputy Tourism Office, as well as the implementation of the regulations for monitoring the activities of travel and tourism offices, 90 Travel and tourism services company were suspended.

deputy Tourism Tehran Province added: From the total votes of the Travel Service Offices Supervisory Commission, the activity of 16 travel and tourism service companies was revoked, and the main reason for this was non-observance of the supervisory regulations and rules and regulations governing travel service offices.

Rafiei said: Field supervisions of the Deputy Tourism Ministry are carried out more seriously and in larger numbers due to the increase in the trips of the countrymen in the summer season.

Currently, nearly five thousand licenses have been issued for travel service offices in Tehran and the most concentrated travel agency It is in this province.

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