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12 problems in the country’s poultry industry and warnings of a future crisis

According to the economic correspondent of Fars News Agency, since the Poultry Federation of Iran always considers continuous monitoring and awareness of the future as one of its authorized tasks, due to the sensitive situation and serious crisis in the field of poultry industry and supply of poultry meat and Eggs required by the country, global economic / political developments in this area over the past few months, especially after the Ukraine war, the consequences of a very serious increase in product prices due to the elimination of the preferred currency in correspondence with officials in March 1400 and April 1401 Expressing the reasoned concerns of the national organizations of the value chain of the poultry industry with the representation of this federation, he pointed out the following important and worrying issues:

1. Hostage-taking of all chicken, poultry and egg products due to weakness and sometimes unprofessional decisions, including: lack of transparency in the allocation of production inputs required by the authorities, which confuses producers in the industry supply chain, and In addition to creating a crisis of serious shortage of these products and the resulting social crisis in the next few months (similar to 1399 or even worse), will also cause severe unemployment of workers in production units.

2. Time-consuming supply of input from entry points, which due to shortage and reduction of inventory, from the time of purchase to delivery of goods to the poultry farmer will take more than a few months.

3. Ambiguity in allocation and delay in providing the required currency for import of livestock inputs and confusion of major importers and effective in import of inputs so that part of the claims of 1400 foreign exchange has not been settled yet,

4. Uncertainty about the timing of the removal of the preferred currency and the very high risk of import input due to the extremely high volume of liquidity resulting from the removal of the preferred currency and the compensation of Rials required for this vital matter has fueled the crisis of future input security.
5. Unrealistic pricing of foreign exchange and rials of inputs, which, firstly, has led to the deregulation of major importers from the supply cycle, secondly, the loss of clearance of inputs at the rates of 1400, has prevented the clearance of some inventories, and thirdly, insistence Governmentalization of imports at rates sometimes higher than private sector trading rates causes damage to national resources.

6- Lack of clear information on how to continue the allocation in the market for production planning in the next month.

7- Lack of transparency of information related to inventory, especially the amount of reserves of the country’s livestock affairs support company.
8- The not so reliable amount of sediment deposited in the ports and the amount of purchases that will reach the country reliably.
9- Problems caused by the war in Ukraine, which, firstly, “stopped the shipment of purchased shipments of corn to Iran, secondly,” caused the increase in world prices of inputs to at least 50%, thirdly, “caused a shortage of inputs, especially corn in Has become world class.
10. Impossibility of effective activity of importers in other supplier countries such as Argentina and the United States due to technical and quarantine barriers.
11- Neglecting the consumption of corn and soybean meal, due to the insistence on non-expert development of Arian breed, despite less meat production,
12- Unprofessional grammatical pricing without considering the economics of production and consumption and as a result insisting on the entry of non-experts and basically “harmful” to the government in the chicken and egg market through unprincipled import of eggs and its untimely distribution or delay in Time and irrationality of the guaranteed purchase price of chicken meat and similar cases, which had no effect other than damage to the production bases.

Unfortunately, we are witnessing a lack of attention and insensitivity in the government and relevant ministries, despite numerous warnings and warnings of this federation, as well as relevant member organizations in various fields of industry, and due to the great importance of the issue from economic, social and security perspectives. We consider ourselves as an upstream organization and on behalf of the national organizations of the value chain of the poultry industry to raise these issues as a very serious warning to the relevant public officials and activists in various fields of the poultry industry and emphasize that these conditions continue and neglect continues. Officials will do nothing but shut down production units or reduce their operational capacity, severe shortages of chicken and eggs, and a sharp rise in prices.

He expects this warning sensitivity to be taken seriously as soon as possible (in consultation with the federation and relevant member organizations) at the highest decision-making levels of the country, and the necessary measures will be taken to prevent any serious harm to the country.

12 problems in the country's poultry industry and warnings of a future crisis

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