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12 strategies for the prosperity of industry in the 1401 budget bill

According to the economic correspondent of Fars News Agency, the budget bill as a government roadmap for next year shows the extent to which government officials pay attention to different areas of the country. The industry, mining and production sector, as the driving force of growth and the main platform for the country’s progress in the economic and social fields, has always had an important position in the eyes of macro-policymakers.

The level of attention of government planners in the annual budget bill is a measurable indicator of understanding this issue. Due to the importance of the 1401 budget bill and the complicated situation of the country’s industries and mines in recent years, the “Finance, Industry, Mines and Production Committee of the Industries and Mines Commission” has examined the provisions related to industry, mines and production in this bill.

What follows is a description of the pros and cons of the industry, mining and manufacturing sectors in Budget Bill 1401, as well as suggestions for improving the quality of the relevant provisions.

Therefore, the report on the creation of the Progress and Justice Fund, the increase in customs revenue, and the tax on activities نامولد And increasing the capital of state-owned banks to direct bank credit to production has been one of the positive and important points of the 1401 budget bill; These issues are considered by Seyyed Mohsen Dehnavi, a member of parliament and a member of the presidium of the parliamentوگو Has been with Fars.

He had proposals for achieving economic growth from industry and mining and the prosperity of productive sectors, including oil refining to finance projects. The drivers Economic, reduced taxes on production performance and the use of the capacity of the project public company to launch the country’s closed mines.

The details of this statementوگو You can read below:

Fars: The 1401 budget bill is considered to be the first financial document of the 13th government, which is accompanied by a justice-oriented approach and the promotion of livelihood and other features. One of the budget discussions is the realization of economic growth, part of which should be provided in the field of industry and mining. What is your assessment of the budget bill in this regard? In your opinion, what are the positive and important points in next year’s budget bill and can it solve the country’s problems?

دهنوی: Due to the change in the customs import rate for the import of goods to the ETS rate, government revenues from customs duties increased by 91% from 37.3 One thousand billion Tomans has reached 71.4 thousand billion Tomans. Government to support Importation Basic goods, medicine and medical equipment and livestock inputs have reduced the tariff on these goods to 1% of the value of imported goods. The government’s ruling is seen as positive in terms of increasing incomes, as well as supporting domestic production and helping household livelihoods.

Another positive point is the use of the Progress and Justice Fund mechanism. The purpose of supporting the Iran Progress and Justice Fund is “every one of the three Rﺑﻬﺮء وه وری و ﺗﻮﺳﻌﻪ ﮔﺬ اریاری ﺑﺮ ﭘﺎﯾﻪ آﻣﺎﯾﺶ ﺳﺮزﻣﯿﻦ و ﭘﺮ ﭘﺮوژهداون و ان »is mentioned. Considering that in the last 60 years, the average economic growth of the country has been less than 4% and during the last four years, the average growth of gross capital formation has been negative, the adoption of this approach by the Program and Budget Organization is positive.

Generation of surplus government assets is always considered a positive thing, but in the annual budget laws, this issue has always been ineffective due to the loss of capital of executive bodies and their unwillingness to do so, so allocating resources from these transfers to the same body is a good incentive to implement. This is a verdict and is considered positive.

Fars: One of the cases that has been criticized a lot is related to the sale of surplus property منقول And Immovable It becomes government agencies for which fictitious revenues have been allocated in recent years and have only played the role of balancing the budget on paper. What action is needed to be able to mobilize these assets?

دهنوی: Since the value of government assets, real estate is estimated at 18 thousand thousand billion tomans and these assets are unused and not only The drivers The government is not in various affairs, but has become a knot in the direction of the country’s economic movement. Locking this amount of assets in the country will stop the economic movement and the government must turn these assets into a bridge for economic progress in two stages. First, transparency of real estate information in the hands of the government, as well as the sale of some of them, and in the next step, revitalization and investment in dilapidated real estate and government lands through long-term leases and land supply funds and other methods. Given this point, addressing this issue in the 1401 budget bill is considered positive.

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Fars: Organizing and systematizing banking facilities in order to produce and create wealth is essential and this path is considered inevitable to achieve economic growth. On the other hand, in the budget bill, the government seeks to get a white check signed by the parliament to design the details of this section in the government body. For example, there are no facilities in the housing sector as in this year’s budget. Or the custody of employment facilities was transferred from the Program and Budget Organization to the Ministry of Economy.

دهنوی: Increasing the capital of state-owned banks and directing its facilities towards production and employment is very positive. But in this regard we must make this point in consideration It should be noted that banks operating capital facilities should only spend on supporting production and employment, and this issue should be monitored continuously, so all plans and methods of support and the amount and manner of this issue, such as housing facilities, budget 1400 transparent and Be explicit. Therefore, it is suggested that the features of the above designs be continued in this sectionMentioned Also, every three months, the performance reports of the organizations and operating banks should be submitted to the commissions for programs, budgets, economy, industry, and mining.

Fars: ‌ What is your opinion about the investment of government institutions?

دهنوی: The principle of the Investment Permit clause is positively assessed by ministries and government agencies, provided that the allocation of these resources does not become a waste of money and the location of expenditures is precisely defined and the method of support is partially determined. Therefore, it is suggested that the features of the above designs be continued in this sectionMentioned Also, every three months, the performance reports of the organizations and operating banks should be submitted to the commissions for programs, budgets, economy, industry, and mining.

Fars: The government has predicted in the bill that part of next year’s economic growth will come from the productivity of the factors of production. What are the components that can help this issue?

دهنوی: Addressing the issue of productivity in government and executive organizations and institutions is a positive and important issue; Because moving from a budget-driven program to a program Efficiency Axis can optimize the country’s economic management and protect the country from dependence on oil and gas sales. Of course, the program organization, by not defining the system of indicators and subjecting the allocations to the mentioned indicators, can make this clause a bargaining chip between the executive bodies and the program organization. Therefore, it is suggested that in the continuation of the mentioned paragraph, the amount of credits required for the productivity of the devices and the share of each be specified.

Fars: What is your assessment of the tax provisions in the budget bill? Reducing the tax rate from 25 to 20 percent in order to support production, the continuation of the tax on vacant houses that have not yet received income from this place, and other things.

دهنوی: In the 1401 budget bill, as in the current year, the tax rate for licensed legal entities from the relevant ministries is calculated at a rate of 20%. This issue is evaluated positively in order to support production and increase employment. In this regard, and according to the election promises of the President and also the double support of the production sector, it is proposed that this rate be reduced by another 5 percentage points and the tax of licensed legal entities in 1401 be calculated at a rate of 15 percent. In paragraphs of Note 6 of Budget Bill 1401, the tax tariff for expensive cars and units of residential and garden expensive villas is specified. In general, taxation and costly activities and investments in non-productive sectors of the economy (Conditionally Serious implementation) has an effective effect on directing liquidity at the disposal of economic actors towards productive sectors. The increase of new tax and tax bases from non-productive sectors is considered positive.

The abolition of the tax exemption for interest on deposits of legal entities is included in the 1401 budget bill for the first time. In addition to helping to increase the government’s steady revenues from this location, it also helps to shift stagnant deposits and help direct credit to productive sectors. Due to this issue, the inclusion of this paragraph in the 1401 budget bill is considered positive.

Fars: The growth of credit of development projects in relation to budget revenues is considered appropriate, although there are several thousand semi-finished projects in the country and according to the officials of the Program and Budget Organization, several hundred thousand billion tomans of resources are needed. In addition, the average completion of construction projects has increased and the public-private partnership plan was supposed to help, but there is no news of that.

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دهنوی: One of the important issues that is always one of the obstacles to the progress and completion of the country’s development plans and projects is the issue of government debt to contractors. In different years, various solutions to solve this problem have been presented in the annual budget bills, which according to the conditions of the country have had a more or less effective effect in solving this problem. In the 1401 budget bill, the program organization has allowed the relevant ministries to entrust the implementation of the semi-finished projects to the contractors who undertake to complete the project on time. Although the principle of this measure is considered positive, but in many cases the proposed method can not be helpful and other methods such as debt clearing with physical oil remittances can be a knot.گشا Be.

Fars: What are the negative points in the 1401 budget bill that you will seek to amend?

دهنوی: In general, the government in order to finance industries The drivers He has practically transferred everything to the Fund for Progress and Justice! While all decisions regarding the fund’s projects are left to the provincial council, the nature of the projects is shrouded in ambiguity, while the manner of monitoring the fund’s performance is practically possible due to its provincial nature and the impossibility of asking questions from the head of the PBO. is not. This is considered negative due to the ambiguity in the plans and methods of support, as well as the lack of proper structure for comments and ineffective parliamentary oversight. Considering the fact that in paragraph A of Note 18, the tenths of them are. ﺑﻪ ﺑﻪ ﺗﻌﯿﯿﻦ ﺳﻬﻢ.. How to determine the share of each province and the role of different executive bodies in determining this share is vague and non-transparent and will undoubtedly be ambiguous. Therefore, this paragraph is evaluated negatively.

Due to the fact that the performance of the Planning and Development Council of the province by the Islamic Consultative Assembly is not possible and also the direct supervision of the performance of the upper body of the council, the Planning and Budget Organization is not done by the Assembly, ie the oversight role of the Assembly has been effectively ineffective. And is evaluated negatively in this regard. While the characteristics and indicators appropriate to the plans and projects that are to be supported by this council, also the amount and method of support and even the members of the provincial councils are in a haze of ambiguity, and all this is according to the regulations that the program organization is supposed to adopt next year. Has been referred.

In previous governments, there have always been large-scale plans to increase the employment of individuals, especially young people, such as “self-employment”, “impact employment”, “high-yield enterprises”, “support for home-based businesses” and so on. These plans, which are often in the form of providing facilities to enterprises and the unemployed to create employment, have never been able to solve the employment problem on a fundamental basis. Due to the lack of transparency in the employment plans and the failure of previous experiences, this ruling is considered negative. The negative point about the accession clause of the High Council of Free Zones is the impossibility of parliamentary oversight of the performance of this council after being placed under the office of the President.

Fars: Do you have any suggestions for improving the growth of the industrial sector in next year’s budget bill?

دهنوی: Oil refining for development The driversNational debt, payment of debts of contractors and development organizations, transfer of closed mining licenses to the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade in the form of public joint stock companies of the project, amendment of banks ‘partnership agreements with production units and prevention of banks’ seizure of production units, return of resources As a result of increasing the fuel rate of industrial units to the production sector, tax on exports of raw and semi-raw materials, 10% reduction in taxes on producers’ performance, assignment of semi-industrial and production projects by transfer to the private sector using the capacity of public companies. Financing of infrastructure and industrial projects with the participation of banks, determining the duties and obligations of state-owned companies and state-controlled companies in accordance with the General Audit Law, efficiency in electricity production by granting extraction licenses cryptocurrencyThe requirement of the National Development Fund to guarantee the reliance of transfer projects in the form of a public joint stock project, the requirement of the National Development Fund to pay loans to foreign buyers of Iranian products are among the proposals that will be followed in parliament for this section.

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