144% inflation of construction materials / transfer of 3 million housing is eliminated?

According to Tejarat News, the Statistics Center of Iran has recently published a report on the inflation of construction materials. According to the report, the annual inflation rate of construction materials in the summer of 1400 reached 88.4%.

But some types of building materials have led to inflation; Cement, concrete, and sand are at the top of the inflation table, with point-to-point inflation at 144 percent.

Inflation in construction materials is rising as the government seeks to provide one million affordable housing units a year.

Housing prices in the production jump plan

As Ismail Hossein Zehi, a member of parliament, had previously said, the price per square meter of a house in the housing leap plan is about 2 million and 750 thousand tomans. However, housing developers have rejected this number, saying that such a thing is not possible.

Iraj Rahbar, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Association of Mass Builders, said that the average price of construction of residential units with medium quality construction materials is about 10 million Tomans per meter.

Of course, he said that if the government can receive government discounts, the price of housing in the housing leap plan will not be less than 5 million tomans.

Of course, the government emphasizes that it wants to control the price of construction materials, thereby keeping housing prices cheap. Even Minister Samat announced the supply of cement in the stock exchange and said that the price of each pack of cement has reached 24,000 Tomans.

But now a report by the Statistics Center of Iran says that the annual inflation of construction materials has reached 88% and cement has had the highest inflation rate. 144% inflation!

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Of course, Iraj Rahbar had already said that the price of construction materials increases every three months. The news shows that the government is unlikely to be able to get the leapfrog homes cheaply.

Who will pay for the construction of the leap project housing?

But it seems that housing construction is not going to be a plan to jump production with the government. As the government has announced, the construction of housing in the housing production leap plan is either with the people themselves or with the mass builders.

The government is supposed to give people a loan of 200 to 450 million tomans and they will pay for the construction of housing themselves. But the question is, with this loan and the inflation of building materials, can people own a house?

The important point is that the price of each meter of a residential unit in the housing leap plan is probably more than 3 to 5 million tomans. That is, if, according to Iraj Rahbar, the average price of each meter of a residential unit in the main housing plan is 10 million Tomans, the average price of a 70-meter unit will be about 700 million Tomans. Twice the amount of the loan given by the government.

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