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2.7 times the balance of the total payment facilities of Bank Melli

According to the financial monetary news quoted by the public relations of Bank Melli Iran, as the financial statements of this bank show, the total balance of the facilities granted by Bank Melli Iran at the end of 2016 was more than 1423 thousand billion Rials, while this figure At the end of last year, it has increased to more than 3834 thousand billion rials.

Also, the total balance of the bank at the end of last year has increased by 27.4% compared to the previous year.

Amounts in billion Rials

Year ۱۳۹۹ ۱۳۹۸ ۱۳۹۷ ۱۳۹۶ ۱۳۹۵
Facility balance 3,834,004 3,010,368 2.319.222 1.733.674

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