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2 domestic airlines, Iran Air, are on Hajj flights

According to the economic correspondent of Fars News Agency, Mohammad Mohammadi Bakhsh said today on the sidelines of the coordination ceremony for sending pilgrims to Baitullah Al-Haram, which officially begins on the 3rd of Khordad, that the first flight of the pilgrims will take place at 50 minutes in the morning on the 3rd of Khordad, and the pilgrims will depart from the Salam terminal of Imam Airport. They are sent to God’s house.

Stating that the Islamic Republic of Iran Airlines is in charge of this year’s Hajj flights, he said: 2 airlines are the Islamic Republic of Iran Airlines’ deputy in Hajj flights, so that in case of possible problems, they can carry out a part of the operation of sending pilgrims, which includes The company is Meraj and Qeshm Air.

The head of the Civil Aviation Organization continued: In this regard, Meraj has obtained the license from the Civil Aviation Organization and Qeshm Air will soon receive the organization’s license for Hajj flights. will give

He continued: In all standard Hajj flights, airport fees are collected according to the approved tariff in all 21 airports.

* Homa collects the lowest profit from Hajj flights

In response to the journalists’ questions, the CEO of the Islamic Republic of Iran Airlines stated: Iran Air has the lowest profit in Hajj flights, while the price of Hajj flights in these neighboring countries is 2 to 3 times higher than Homa.

Captain Farzadipour added: We actually allocate 4 flight legs for each Hajj, because one flight leaves with full seats and returns empty, and the return flight leaves with empty seats and returns with full seats, but by calculating all these numbers, we have tried to In addition to receiving the lowest rate, Homa does not suffer any loss and the revenues of Hajj Homa flights are the same as other flights.

Captain Farzadipour said: We have planned to allocate 9 airplanes for Hajj departure flights and 11 airplanes for return flights.

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