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2000 residential units were allocated to cinema residents

According to Fars news agency, the second session of the Supreme Council of Cinema in the 13th government was chaired by Mohammad Mokhbar, the first vice president, with the presence of the ministers of culture and Islamic guidance and education, the secretary of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution, the head of the Islamic Propaganda Organization, the head of the Cinema Organization, the head Academy of Art and Real Members of the Supreme Council of Cinema was held this morning (Monday).

Emphasizing the need to pay attention to policy and software aspects in this area, Mohammad Mokhbar said: One of the important tasks of the Supreme Council of Cinema is to foresee and provide the hardware aspect, to provide world-class equipment, to build cinema and digital towns, but it is necessary. In addition to these measures, a software and policy attachment can also be seen.

Referring to the high influence and influence of cinematographic and drama products to explain various issues in the country among the members of the society, the first vice president added: Cinema is the most important tool for the spread and export of Iranian-Islamic civilization and culture domestically, regionally and globally. .

The informant pointed out: The Supreme Council of Cinema should become the place to formulate the operational flow of explaining and promoting Islamic civilization, ideals of the Islamic Republic and Iranian-Islamic culture, and cinema is the most important tool and serious component for the protection and dissemination of culture.

Referring to the position and role of the Supreme Council of Cinema in directing and creating hardware and software facilities for the progress and development of the country’s cinema economy, the first vice president emphasized: The Secretariat of the Supreme Cinema Council is obliged to prepare the five-year horizon of this council as soon as possible. and compile and most of the activities of this secretariat should be dedicated to the compilation of cinema and art policies of the country.

He added: Holding, following up on approvals, and determining the content of the meetings of the Supreme Council of Cinema among other councils and cultural institutions is of fundamental importance, and all members should have special sensitivity to regularly hold meetings.

The First Vice President also congratulated all the cinematographers and artists of this field on the National Cinema Day, from the actions of the Supreme Council of Cinema in the 13th government in line with planning for the construction of new cinemas, the introduction of world-class cinematographic equipment and facilities, financial support, livelihood and housing for cinematographers. And the development of cinema economy appreciated and emphasized that this practice should continue with better and more quality and quantity.

He stated that the coordination and cooperation of the Ministries of Education, Culture and Islamic Guidance should be increased to make films for children and teenagers and to determine the appropriate content for their ages, he said: Children’s cinema is also part of the economic boom of cinema and also plays a role. And the influence of cinematographic works in the education of children is of fundamental importance, so proposals for the production of cinematographic films for students and children should be proposed and approved by the Supreme Council of Education and the government.

The informant also emphasized on strengthening the cinema flow in the provinces and taking advantage of artistic and cultural elites, especially in the deprived cities of the country.

The first vice president asked the Supreme Council of Cinema to prepare the ground for the export of Iranian cinematographic works to the neighboring countries and the region, as well as the production of joint cinematographic and artistic works with the countries of the Islamic civilization, with detailed planning and coordination with the relevant institutions, especially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. and literature to provide resistance.

In this meeting, actions were taken and follow-up of the approvals of the first meeting of the Supreme Council of Cinema, including the process of drafting the intellectual rights plan for Iranian cinema audiences, the plan to help equip and modernize 100 branches and representative offices of the Youth Cinema Association across the country, supporting cinematographers without housing with Allocation of 2,000 residential units and allocation of necessary credits for the joint production of films with the countries of the civilized area and axis of resistance were presented.

In the continuation of this meeting, several resolutions were approved in line with the development of the country’s economy and cinema market, including the plan to allocate the national animation foundation and strengthen the country’s animation industry and establish the structure of this foundation.

The arrival of raw materials for specialized equipment and technologies of the cinema industry that cannot be produced domestically, the allocation of credit for the cinema card plan to the employees and retirees of government agencies and ministries, and the morning screening of movies for students were among the plans that were implemented in This meeting was discussed and exchanged.

Other approvals of this meeting include the possibility of holding a regional Caspian film festival, the construction of a digital cinema town based on digital film production studios, and laying the groundwork for important film projects to benefit from inexpensive bank resources and facilities, and a plan to support cinematographers in the province. Ha pointed out.

Also, regarding the reform of the method of collecting taxes from artists, suggestions were made and it was decided that the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance should prepare a proposal in this regard.

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