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According to Tejarat News, based on the information published by the Central Securities Depository and Funds Settlement Company in the first six months of this year, one million 602 thousand 89 shareholders have been authenticated in the Sejam system, which is compared to the first six months of 1401 that the number of authentications was 1 million 323 thousand 14 shareholders, we see a growth of more than 21%.

At the same time, the number of registered shareholders in the Sejam system has reached 1 million 265 thousand 139 shareholders in this period of time by passing 1 million 200 thousand people.

The details of this statistical information show that this year, the number of identity verifications in the comprehensive customer information system of “Sajam” in April was 294,693 people, in May 568,206 people, in June 507,528 people, and in July 98,202 people. 74 thousand 243 people in August and 61 thousand 856 people in September.

Registration of 44 million and 755 thousand shareholders in the Sejam system

It should be noted that the information of the comprehensive customer information system shows that from the beginning of registration and authentication until the end of September 1402, 44 million 755 thousand 590 registrations and 37 million 587 thousand 714 authentications were done in the Sejam system by Samat. Is.

5 leading provinces in registration

Also, according to this report, the number of people registered in the “Sejam” system in the first 6 months of this year, separately for each province, indicates that 5 provinces “Tehran with 217 thousand 482 cases, Khuzestan with 100 thousand 392 cases, Khorasan Razavi With 65 thousand and 776 cases, Isfahan with 65 thousand and 776 cases and Kerman with 63 thousand and 287 cases are at the top of the most registered cases in the whole of Iran.

5 provinces with the least registration

On the other hand, based on the statistics published in the above period, 5 provinces “Semnan with 10 thousand 294, Yazd with 10 thousand 422, Ilam with 11 thousand 132, South Khorasan with 11 thousand 700 and Bushehr with 11 thousand and 881 cases” are at the bottom of the list of the least registered in the Sejam system among other provinces.

What is the SJAM system?

Sejam is an infrastructural system to identify customers to enter the big club of the Iranian capital market, in which all the participants of this market, including “investors, customers and managers of institutions”, will register their information in this system only once and forever. After face-to-face authentication, they will be able to receive services based on verified data.

According to this report, through this system, identity information, account number, mobile number, electronic address and permanent residence of a person are registered and from then on, no financial institution needs to receive the information of that shareholder again.

Shareholders can register and authenticate Sejam electronically by visiting

Benefits of getting married

It should be noted that “receiving a transaction code to enter the capital market, receiving current profits, annuities and equity dividends, the possibility of entering the portal of the beneficiaries of the capital market and using its services, including the electronic service desk, viewing and reporting assets, receiving share certificates, list of assemblies and holding meetings in electronic form, reports of paid dividends, history of equity dividends, and report of unused pre-emptive rights” are among the special benefits of registration and authentication in the Sejam system.

Source: Samat

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