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$ 25,330 was traded

According to the monetary financial news, the selling price of Euro at 13:35 today was 51 Tomans higher than the previous working day equal to 28 thousand 644 Tomans.

The purchase price of each dollar today was 25 thousand and 78 tomans and the purchase price of each euro was announced as 28 thousand and 359 tomans.

In addition, the purchase price of the dollar in the organized foreign exchange market was 25,331 tomans and its selling rate was 25,562 tomans.

Meanwhile, the buying rate of Euro in this market was 26,999 Tomans and its selling rate was 27,244 Tomans.

Also, in today’s Nima system, Euro remittances were sold at a price of 26,547 Tomans and dollar remittances were traded at a price of 24,907 Tomans.

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