3 scenarios for the fate of car pricing

According to Tejarat News, the Competition Council was officially excluded from car pricing with the approval of the Economic Coordination Council of the heads of the three powers. Following the announcement of the National Competition Center, the price regulation instructions will currently be the responsibility of the Ministry of Silence and in coordination with the Market Regulation Headquarters. What is the fate of car pricing and is this the removal of the Competition Council from permanent pricing?

As the world of economy In a situation where the market regulation headquarters has once again replaced the Competition Council in car pricing, according to experts, changing the car pricing reference will not cure the pain of the country’s automobile chain. However, three scenarios for the fate of car pricing with the recent replacement can be proposed.

The first scenario goes back to the car pricing round trip by the Competition Council. As mentioned earlier, the Competition Council was removed from pricing in 1998 and, after 20 months, re-determined car prices.

Although the then Minister of Silence, Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh, in the 11th government, sought to remove the council from the car pricing system, in the 12th government, with the presence of Mohammad Shariatmadari as Minister of Silence, the car pricing authority was changed by the Coordinating Council of the three powers.

During the absence of the Competition Council, the Protection Organization and the Market Regulation Headquarters were responsible for car pricing in a situation where prices saw a dramatic increase. The Competition Council returned to pricing, despite criticism of the two institutions’ performance in setting prices.

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With this introduction, we complete the first scenario. In the first scenario, it is possible that with rising inflation and the need to raise prices again, the government will have to bring the Competition Council back into the arena. But what is clear is that the Competition Council is a legal entity and its removal can not be done easily.

Thus, in the second scenario, there is a possibility that the Competition Council will take another complaint to the Administrative Court of Justice and defend its right to price the car.

But there is a third possibility, and that is the Competition Council’s constant farewell to car pricing. In any case, what is clear is that the reversal of prices will not have an effect on improving the situation of the automobile industry and the market, and it seems that the government, confused by solving the problems of the country’s automobile chain, has abandoned the whole and taken refuge in the margins.

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