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38 Intangible cultural heritage was recognized as having registration value

According to Aria Heritage correspondent, Mostafa Pourali, on the sidelines of the meeting of the National Council for the Registration of Intangible Cultural Heritage, which was held in the presence of council members on Sunday, October 3, 1400 in the amphitheater of the Ministry of Heritage, Culture and Handicrafts, said: given.”

The Director General of Registration and Privacy of Works and Preservation and Restoration of Spiritual and Natural Heritage added: “Among the registered index elements are Katoli maqami music from Golestan province, Shahcheragh taziyeh ceremony in Shiraz, Eghlid walnut doll making skill, and skill in making chiq in Persian nomads.”

Pour-Ali stated: “From Kerman province, the Aqeeqah religion, the traditional Zoroastrian religion of Kerman, the game of Qosa Castle in Rabar, Esfahan, Jiroft and Baft were recognized as intangible cultural heritage worthy of registration by the council members.”

He continued: “From Hamedan province, Tirgan celebration in Varkaneh village, Tuyserkan Qanbar recitation ceremony on the 21st of Ramadan and from Ardabil province, the skill of making Bardaq; “Traditional pottery from Kiwi was registered.”


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