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5 famous head coaches of the world to participate in Iran’s national volleyball team – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

In an interview with Mehr reporter, Vahid Moradi said about the performance of the national volleyball team in the Olympic qualifiers and recruiting a foreign coach: Unfortunately, the team did not have acceptable results in the Olympic qualifiers. This failure has several reasons. From the end of the Asian Championship to the end of the Olympic selection, the federation was in a very tight time frame and the possibility of changes in the body technical staff did not have Of course, arbitration with Antigua One of the leading coaches in the world had consultations, but at that time he refused to work as an assistant with the head coach of the Iranian national volleyball team.

Climbing to the Olympics has become difficult

V Stated: Since it was necessary to be next to the head coach of another person, Armat An offer was made by Atai and the federation accepted it. Iranian volleyball is now in a critical situation. Our team did not play well in the Olympic qualifiers and we have to think about advancing to the Olympics. The fact is that the task of advancing to the Olympics is very difficult considering the results obtained by the national team. The qualification to the Olympics is tied to the results of the League of Volleyball Nations and those matches will be decisive for us.

So far, 5 coaches have given us the green light

The vice president of the volleyball federation said: Considering these conditions, the national team is needed technical staff be entrusted with experience. The federation has taken measures in this regard and some world-class coaches are on our list, but we have not yet reached the final result, so we are not naming them for now. But people should be sure that the federation is looking for one of the leading volleyball coaches in the world to smoothen the conditions for the team’s promotion to the Olympics. We are negotiating with 6 coaches, 5 of whom have announced their readiness so far, and now the federation should check which coach is more useful.

Choosing a head coach is not a matter of personal taste

In response to the fact that the main priority of the volleyball federation is the election of the federation and it is not better to postpone the selection of the head coach until after that time. Stated: The selection of the head coach of the national team is a national discussion. Anyway, now the conditions for volleyball to go to the Olympics have become difficult and it is unlikely that anyone who takes the helm of the federation will not have the same thoughts as the best coach in the world. This is not a matter of personal taste.

In the meeting of the technical committee, we decide on the proposed options

Moradi said: The coaches who gave the green light to Iranian volleyball are supposed to be examined by the technical committee and we will make a decision about them. when Alceno He was chosen as the head coach of the national team, in the meeting of the technical committee, all members chose him. After the Alceno It didn’t work out in the Olympics, the same people who now registered as candidates for the presidency of the federation and were in the technical committee at that time and the selection Alceno had signed, they started to criticize.

The vice president of the volleyball federation said about the proposed options: Antigua He gave a negative answer to the volleyball federation. Tutulu He is not one of our options for a head coach, and if he is going to come to Iran, he should be with someone like him Alceno be

The referee is not retired and the Ministry of Sports has confirmed this

The vice president of the volleyball federation said about the federation elections: the four-year arbitration period will end at the end of November and he can participate in the elections like the other candidates. Some say that he is retired, otherwise the referee is not retired, and this issue was confirmed by the Ministry of Sports in the Technical Qualifications Verification Commission. In terms of age, he has a few years left to retire and can participate in the elections.

Green light for 5 world-renowned head coaches to participate in Iran's national volleyball team

Some people only see the management chair and destroy instead of presenting a plan

He pointed out: “Management is the most important element for running a federation, and I am surprised by volleyball friends who sometimes get caught up in conversations that only have a pleasant appearance, but are not local Arabs.” How is it possible that a person claims to be the head of the volleyball federation without even a single day of management experience. Some people only see the management chair and only look for destruction and do not offer a plan. when “Havelange“He came to the Football Federation, this field was not a sport anywhere in the world. He ruled as FIFA president for 32 years and by the time he left FIFA, the conglomerate had become an economic giant. This success is the result of management Havelange was, if he never played soccer and was a member of the Brazilian swimming team.

The referee resisted all criticisms and insults

Moradi about the promotion of volleyball to the Olympics Stated: We have lost the chance to participate in the Olympics and this is a fact. We did not do well in the Olympic selection and many criticisms were directed at our head coach. There wasn’t a day when volleyball people pressured the referee that technical staff to change However, the referee resisted all the criticisms and curses until the last days. Because the goal was to reach the Olympics with an Iranian coach. But technical staff He did not get an answer and Atai decided to resign. The work is difficult for us, but not impossible.

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