5 victories and 5 defeats of Iranian fans on the first day of the World Cup

According to IRNA, the 2022 World Muaytah Championship in the Omid and Adult age categories will start on Saturday, hosted by Abu Dhabi, UAE, and will continue until the 15th of this month. More than 800 athletes from 100 countries compete in these competitions.

On the first day of these battles, the representatives of our country recorded 5 victories and 5 defeats in their files.

In the first fight and weight category of 63.5 kg for adults, Massoud Abdolmaleki had “Sardat Dardif” in front of him, but due to the cancellation of this Turkmen wrestler, the representative of our country went a long way.

In the women’s under-23 category, Fereshteh Hassanzadeh lost to Afichia Lekmat from Thailand in a close competition with a score of 28 to 29 in the quarter-finals of the 45-kg weight category.

In the same section, Tahereh Pakataghad lost to the Austrian representative 27-30 in the final match of the 48-kg weight category.

In the 54-kg weight category of the Omid Maran age group, Mehrdad Khanzadeh managed to cross the barrier of his powerful Thai opponent in the first fight with a result of 28 to 29.

In the 67-kg category, Pouya Bayrami lost to Khalolin of Kazakhstan 29-28, despite a close and spectacular performance.

In the women’s 48kg category, the adult category, due to the resignation of the athlete from Trinidad and Tobago, Faezeh Fali’s hand rose as the winner.

Following this day’s struggle, Atefeh Mohammadi lost to the Polish representative 10-9 in the 51-kg adult category.

In the same section and in the weight of 54-kg, Fatemeh Yavari defeated Sander Kalarai from India with a result of 10 to 8.

In the 81-kg age group under 23, Alireza Arab lost 17-20 to Alexander Sarkov of Kazakhstan.

The last representative of our country in the first day of competitions was Alireza Zeinali, who in the weight category of 86-kg under the age of 23 with a result of 29 to 28 overcame his powerful opponent from Sweden.

Tomorrow, Sunday, on the second day of these battles, 9 other representatives of our country will play against their opponents.

The program of our country’s athletes on the second day of these competitions is as follows:

In the men’s 81-kg weight category, in the adult category, Ramin Alizadeh will compete in the first round against Rafael Raduz from Poland.

In the men’s +91 kg weight category, the adult age category, Behnam Safari, will face Yahya al-Sharia from Jordan.

In the women’s 51-kg weight category, the age group of hope, Fatemeh Mamani, will compete with Sunny Normanen from Finland.

In the women’s 60-kg weight category, the age group of hope, Fatemeh Hosseini, takes the first step against Alin Samir from Syria.

In the women’s 45-kg weight category for adults, Reyhaneh Saeedi competes in the first fight against Rim al-Sharif from Saudi Arabia.

In the women’s 57-kg weight category, the adult age group, Puneh Nasrollahi, is ahead of Ayesha Karakush from Turkey.

In the women’s 71-kg weight category for adults, Mahsa Salehpour will compete against Darya Shubnikova of Kazakhstan.

In the men’s 57-kg weight category, the Omid, Omid Pourzanganeh age group will face Abdolkarim Idir from France.

Finally, in the men’s 91 + kg weight category, the age group of hope, Masih Asadi, will visit Abdul Rahman Al-Hamidi from Jordan.

Our national team has participated in this competition with 35 athletes consisting of 22 female and 13 male athletes.

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