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50-year-old statues from world museums / “Fantasy” are spectacular

According to Fars News Agency, the exhibition of 50-year-old photographs of Seyed Mohammad Ehsaei, our country’s famous calligrapher and painter from museums around the world, will be opened as the third visit of Behzad Hatam’s artist on Friday evening, November 27 at Golestan Gallery.

“Recycled Treasure” is the title of this exhibition, and the book of this collection will be unveiled at the same time. The color slides that the professor of statistics took in his student days in the 1940s and 1350s are finally displayed on the gallery wall, and a large part of these photographs capture exhibits from museums around the world.

A number of these photographs will be displayed in Golestan Gallery from Friday, November 27th, and a book with a much larger number of photographs will be unveiled there. The recovered treasure exhibition and book is the third play and book in the field of the artist’s visit to Behzad Hatam. In the book Recovered Treasure we read:

The photographs of the museums show a young artist who, with an artist-like and admiring look, has come to see, praise and learn more, and at the same time a curious, sharp and playful photographer who does not open the camera window on anything. He is very selective, thoughtful and patient … A group of statistical photographs of the connection between the viewer and the work of art. Some of these are more than just holding a correct tail from the face of a viewer to a work of art; .

In the book, next to some photos, there is a note about it in the statistical line, which is readable and sweet and adds value to the book.

The book “Recycled Treasure” has been published, like the previous two books of the artist’s visit, by Nazar Publishing in collaboration with Gallery 10. All books in this field are bilingual and the English text is not a translation of the Persian text and the author wrote it for the non-Iranian reader and sometimes explained things that the Iranian reader is aware of.

Seyed Mohammad Ehsaei Photo Exhibition is the first exhibition that Golestan Gallery is holding in person after the Corona Pandemic, and once again, this old gallery in Tehran opens its doors to art enthusiasts.

Golestan Gallery will display the photos of the recovered treasure until 12th of Aban on Darous St., Kamasaei St., No. 34.

* Hosted by Sarban Gallery of “Fantasy” exhibition

An exhibition of Sadegh Khalifa’s paintings entitled “Unbroken Imagination” will open on Friday, November 27, at Sarban Gallery. The exhibition includes paintings by the caliph created between 1996 and 1400. The statement from the exhibition said: “What is happening to us is always hidden and often ends up somewhere else that we do not expect, as if we are always in a suspension between the hidden and the obvious misplaced face.”

Sadegh Khalifa was born in 1983 in Shushtar. As a teenager, he became interested in painting with the encouragement of his brother, and in 1975, he became acquainted with oil painting by Alireza Hemmatifard, and then continued painting on his own. Previously, his works have been exhibited in solo exhibitions in the 26th Gallery of Tehran and the Gallery of Isfahan and Shushtar.

Khalifa’s paintings in this exhibition include 12 works with oil painting and acrylic techniques on canvas and 9 works with pencil and gouache techniques on cardboard. The exhibition of imaginative paintings will open on Friday, November 27, 1400, at Sarban Gallery, 130 Hoveyzeh Gharbi St., corner of Shahid Yousefi St., No. 130, and will continue until November 15.

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