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According to Tejarat News, housing prices have been on an increasing path for a long time; But if we want to check it from the beginning of the President’s government, i.e. from August 1400, we will find that the acceleration of this growth has increased and the price of housing has grown by 55% since the beginning of the 13th government until now!

The average housing price in October last year had a slight decrease compared to September. In such a way that the average price per square meter of a residential unit had reached 31 million and 703 thousand tomans in September to 31 million and 631 thousand tomans in October.

However, this decrease was so small that it had no effect on the household’s budget due to the double-digit general inflation. It can be said that the main reason for this decrease was the departure from the season of moving and buying and selling, but the economic inflation quickly reversed this direction so that housing prices increased again in November of last year.

April 1401 is the second month that the average housing price has decreased. This decrease can be attributed to the suspension of transactions in this month. Every year, with the beginning of the new year, the situation of the financial markets is suspended, and the following month, demand resumes its trend and the markets move.

Examining the trend of housing prices during the time frame of the beginning of the President’s government so far raises the question, in which month housing prices have increased the most and what factor can this change be attributed to?

At the same time, the double pressure of inflation has caused the provision of this part of the household budget to become a serious problem for the people.

The housing price peak in the 13th government

According to the statistics of the central bank, the average housing price in Tehran has experienced the largest price increase in June 1401 with about three million tomans. Meanwhile, inflation has also grown by 13.2 percent this month and has reached 52.5 percent in June from 3.39 percent in May.

The next rank in between also belongs to November 1401 with about two million and 900 thousand tomans price growth; But unlike in June, inflation has decreased by 0.5% this month.

This issue can be explained as follows: the price of the dollar has been on an increasing path since September of this year and left the historical ceiling behind by November. This issue increased the inflationary expectations in the society and since there is no regulatory control on the housing market, the owners have increased the price of their property according to the psychological climate, and thus the general price of housing has also increased.

March 1400 also ranks third in this cycle with an increase of about two million. Of course, this can be seen as an obvious trend at the end of every year, because transactions increase on the eve of the new year, and housing prices grow accordingly.

Significant growth in housing prices

At the beginning of the four-year period of the 13th government, that is, August 1400, the average price of each square meter of a residential unit was about 30,900,000 tomans. In December 1401, however, this price has reached 48 million and 70 thousand tomans. Therefore, during this period, the average housing price has increased by more than 55%.

Factors affecting property prices

Inflation can be considered as one of the most effective drivers affecting housing prices. By affecting all goods and services, this index causes price fluctuations in the markets; In the meantime, the housing market is not only exempted from this effect, but also has a long-term effect and generally suffers from price stickiness.

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