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A conversation with the translator of the book “My Life” in “Saat Ba Vaqt Quds” – Mehr news agency Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr news agency, citing the public relations of the program, in the first part of the program “Saat Beh Waqt Quds” with the presence of analyst Mohammad Shahidi and the presenters of the program, the news of the resistance and the occupied territories, including the creation of a strong system to influence the management of Facebook by the Zionist regime. will be reviewed.

Then, Sosan Al-Hama reviews the hottest topics in the cyberspace, such as the attack of the occupying Zionist forces on 5 Palestinian women.

In the continuation of “Saat Beh Vaqt Quds”, a report of the question and answer session of Majid Saftaj, a writer and researcher on Middle East issues, will be aired with teenagers.

The end of this part of the program is a conversation with Mukhtar Mujahid, an active translator of the resistance field, about the translation of the book “My Life” written by Golda Mayer.

“Saat Beh Vaght Quds” performed by Ali Khalili, Hamed Nagaresh and Sosan Elhama, produced and directed by Amir Tajik, will be broadcasted on Thursday 23rd of September at 17:30 on Ik Sima channel and will be rebroadcast on Friday 24th of September at 13:00.

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