A girl who was one step away from becoming a phenomenon

According to IRNA, the name “Scent of the Meteor” was unknown for Iranian sports before the Asian Championships in Jordan, but since May this year, he has been among those who had to go to Xiaopchang at the Tokyo Grand Prix. Although some saw his quota as a coincidence and his participation in the Paralympics as a support, winning his fourth Paralympic title in his first international experience made his name more widely known than ever before.

Raiha Shahab, who has been active in professional sports for less than a year, is now a well-known name in the Iranian Paralympics, and by being among the top people in this field, she claimed to have won a medal in the largest sports festival for the disabled in the world. Although he lost to a well-known English opponent in the Taekwondo rankings in the Paralympics, this loss does not mean the end of his championship life, but at the age of 28 he has a vision for himself that will result in success in the 2024 Paralympic Games and the 2024 Tokyo Paralympics.

“Taekwondo is a sport of moments and it is very exciting. One of the reasons that encouraged me to participate in this sport was its excitement,” Raiha Shahab, who is now more than ever looking for success in sports, told IRNA. I came to this field at the age of 27 and in less than a year I was able to go one step closer to the Paralympic medal. It is a great honor, but I do not wish for more important successes and I must strive to achieve them. I came to Taekwondo in February 1999 and became a member of the national team. During this time, I gained a lot of experience and finally I have to make the best use of it.

Shahab, who was given a lot of quotas by chance and was on the squad for support athletes, appeared in Tokyo beyond expectations, and if he had not won the hard draw in the first round, he would undoubtedly have been among those on the podium.

He believes that if the Uzbek champion had not been his first opponent and started the match with another opponent, he could have performed better because his first international experience was a fight with the Asian champion.

Shahab, who was able to defeat the famous Mexican opponent in the rematch competitions, continued: “After defeating the representative of this country, I went to the representative of Britain to win the bronze medal. He was the first person in this weight and the world title.” I had made things difficult for him, but in the end, the experience of this taekwondo fighter overcame me. In the first round, I was able to defeat him 13 to eight, but in the second round, I got a lot of points.

The national taekwondo national team sees sport as a tool for both fun and to show off on the world stage. The fourth place winner of the Tokyo Paralympics believes that many limitations can be overcome with exercise. It is hard to imagine that a disabled person can go up to one medal in less than a year, but this happened with the athlete’s tools. Taekwondo is not an easy task for the disabled, but I chose it with all its difficulties.

He has designed a great vision for himself, the result of which is supposed to be success. A vision that begins with the Para-Asian Games and will be completed at the 2024 Paris Paralympics.


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