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A market for women entrepreneur products will be set up in Zahedan

According to IRNA, Maryam Askari Dehno said on Monday evening in a symposium of the Women’s Affairs Commission of the Islamic Council of Zahedan with capable women entrepreneurs: Giving identity and independence to women and providing the ground for their active participation in various economic and social affairs, especially entrepreneurial activities. The greatest motivation of this great force is in the productive and social cycles.

Pointing out that one of the signs of developed societies is women’s entrepreneurship, he added: “Creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship are the main pillars of sustainable development and also the purpose of holding this meeting is to explain the factors affecting entrepreneurship of capable women in the city Zahedan City Council and Municipality support entrepreneurship.

The head of the Women’s Affairs Commission of the Islamic Council of Zahedan stated: An entrepreneurship committee for women will be formed in this commission and will follow up on women’s problems in the path of entrepreneurship.

Referring to the words of women entrepreneurs about the arrears of bank facilities, he continued: “Considering the outbreak of the Corona virus and the closure of businesses and the losses caused by it, meetings will be held with the operating banks and a solution will be considered to catch the installments.”


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