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A new plan to sell a combination of car insurance and fire insurance in Asia has begun

According to the financial monetary news quoted by the public relations of Asia Insurance, according to the new combined sale plan of Asia Insurance, the applicants of car body insurance in the group of passenger, car and truck if they have third party or fire insurance, can from 10 to 20 Benefit from a “double” discount.

Therefore, according to the report, this group of applicants, if they have third party insurance or car body insurance, can buy Asia Insurance fire insurance for their residential houses with special discounts and facilities.

The report adds: “According to the new combined insurance plan of Asia Insurance, the buyers of third party insurance will also enjoy the purchase facilities and special discounts of this insurance policy if they have body insurance or fire in residential houses.”

It is worth mentioning that the sales and combination plan of Asia Insurance continues until May 1401, and all branches and agencies of Asia Insurance throughout the country are ready to offer insurance products for this new plan.

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