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A safe life with Saman Link Unit Insurance

The director of the technical deputy of Saman Insurance Life Insurance stated:

According to the monetary financial news quoted by public relations, Bahram Yazdanpanah, director of the technical deputy of life insurance of Saman Insurance Company, stated that the unit link insurance policy is designed in order to be more profitable and maximally benefit the insurers from the potential of stock markets. He said: “By allocating an annual guarantee interest rate of five percent to insurance policy reserves, this insurance policy has provided the possibility of safe and low-risk investment in one of the most risky financial markets, free from market fluctuations and the concern of losing the original capital.” Is.
Bahram Yazdanpanah, pointing out that the need to buy life insurance has been advertised in various ways for many years, but buyers of this insurance policy still look at its “proposed reserve” at the end of the contract period and compare it with the annual inflation rate compared to buying this Insurers are skeptical, کرد stated: Insurers emphasize that the purchase of life insurance should not be done only for the purpose of investment and insurance coverage such as disability, death, certain diseases and… should be considered more than investment. But the reality is that in the current economic climate, preserving the value of capital for individuals is a top priority.

He added: “With increasing economic fluctuations, especially after the corona outbreak, public concern about how to invest safely and reduce inflationary pressures has also increased; Especially since a significant part of the people do not have much information about investing in various financial fields and are looking for a reliable consultant in this field.

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“In such a situation, finding a safe place to aggregate micro-resources and use the appropriate services can be very valuable,” he said. Capital in it also find out exactly.

The director of Saman Insurance Company’s life insurance technical department emphasized that “Unit Link” insurance policy provides a set of these solutions to insurers, so that in addition to providing all life insurance coverage and capital formation, It allows the insurer to invest in the financial markets without risk, to monitor the value of its capital at the moment, to convert it into cash or to increase its capital.

Yazdanpanah considered the stickiness of this insurance policy to investment “units” to preserve the value of Rials saved by insurers as one of their most important risks and noted: flexibility in investment and the possibility of changing the content in accordance with the conditions of insurers, It is one of the specifications of “Unit Link” insurance policy, which has increased the popularity of agents and sales networks towards this product.

According to him, in this insurance policy, the insurer has the opportunity to invest directly in stock investment funds and observe the return on their investment on a daily basis.

Those interested in purchasing this insurance policy, in addition to referring to Saman Insurance sales network, can obtain more information from the website of Saman Insurance Company at

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