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A souvenir photo in the middle of the highway! / Attaran ordered me – Mehr news agency Iran and world’s news

In an interview with Mehr reporter, Khashayar Rad, a veteran actor of cinema and television, said about his latest activities: I recently played a role in a series called “The Last Image” and before that I also played a role in a movie.

He added: “Currently, I have received a script called “Death of Expediency”, which I am currently studying in order to announce the final opinion about it.

Rod said about his television appearances: The main basis of our work is demand. It’s not like we can say why we decided not to be on TV. Everything depends on the demand, naturally the production teams send the script and we decide on it. During this time, I have not received a script for television work that I want to make a decision about.

I am not upset about my lack of work on TV

This actor, who was one of the most prolific television personalities at one point, explained about his lack of work these years: The reality is that our day is in God’s hands, and I personally strongly believe in this principle. If something positive happens to me in television, cinema or theater, it will happen on time. That’s why I’m not upset that the demand for my work on TV has decreased. I have received God’s help from the beginning of my professional career and I have submitted and followed His orders until today.

He added: These days, when I walk in the community, some people follow old comedies on TV and ask me why those works are not produced and repeated anymore. My answer always is that the TV managers should answer this issue. As an actor, I cannot comment on this matter.

Rod said about his lasting roles that are in the memory of the people of the streets and alleys: At one point, our works were the same and people also remember them. Some people know me as “Mr. Bayat”, which was my character in “Khane Bedoosh” series. May God have mercy on dear Georgian Siros, whom many people still remember from our series “The Accused Escaped”. There was another series in which I played a character called “Qartas” and it has remained in people’s minds. Most of the people observe our work and always remember the past.

About his memories of people’s encounters, this veteran actor continued: All these reactions are positive. I have uniform memories of expressing people’s interests in my mind. At birthdays and weddings and various places I go, the interactions are often very good, and it’s not like there’s one particular thing that becomes a memory. All the people express their gratitude towards us because of the satisfaction they have had with some series.

They stopped me on the Bagheri highway for a photo!

He added: I remember once I was driving on Bagheri highway when a car behind me kept flashing its lights. I said to myself that he should not do something wrong and that he is following me like this. When he reached me, he passed me and braked in front of my car. I also had to stop the car. Three people got out of the car and I really said to myself that I am done and they want to beat me! When they arrived in front of the window, the main party said, Mr. Rudd, I love you and we won’t let you go until we take a picture! I said; Man, what kind of expression of interest is this! (Laughs) Finally, they took a photo, but I told them, really, next time, if you see an actor, don’t treat him like this!

Khashayar Rad mentioned about the success of series such as “The Accused Escaped” and “Khane Be Dosh”: the main reason was that those works were made from the heart. Both in the cinema and on television, I believe in the principle that a work that comes from the heart will be in the hearts of the people. That’s why those serials will be rebroadcasted 10 more times and people will still follow them. People saw themselves and their lives in those works. Today, however, this is not the case, and most of the jobs that I am involved in, their economic aspect overrides their other aspects. In these works, economy is even ahead of art.

I got the lowest pay of my career on the project that gave me the most feedback. For the “Khane Be Doosh” series, I received the lowest salary because it was also considered as my starting work. Before this series, people had not seen a prominent role from me and I was introduced to this series

He added: I have already said that I received the lowest salary of my career in the project that gave me the most feedback. For the “Khane Be Doosh” series, I received the lowest salary because it was also considered as my starting work. Before this series, people had not seen a prominent role from me and I was introduced to this series. I even remember Hamid Lolaei saying at the same time, Khashayar, go ahead, because from now on your salary will increase a lot!

This actor also said about the experience of working with Reza Attaran: Our relationship with Mr. Attaran started from the theater. I worked only in theater for about 24 years. We had a theater called “Mysterious Island” in which Reza Attaran also acted. That work was present at the 5th Ritual and Traditional Theater Festival, where I was nominated as the best male actor. It was after that that Reza Attaran went to TV and joined the “Saat Khush” team. Attaran had told the group at the same time, call Rod to come too! Later, our first collaboration took place in “Eternal Train”. This cooperation continued until it reached “Khan Be Doosh”.

Emphasizing that he does not recommend acting to anyone, the veteran actor said: I have said many times that this profession is not something you can focus on as a career, because it is not stable. It is true that there is an organization called “Cinema House” and most of the actors are insured, but one cannot ignore the fact that an actor suddenly becomes unemployed for several consecutive months and has to stay at home. For this reason, I do not recommend this job to anyone. Although I did not offer it to my children either. Of course, they did not want to enter this field because they had seen my working conditions.

I like comedy, but I don’t reject a serious role

He explained about the high share of comedy roles in his career and his desire to play more different roles: The reality is that the actor’s taste for playing different roles is not in his control. Of course, I personally like acting in comedy because I see the potential in myself. I feel that I can bring a smile to the face of the audience, but if I am offered a serious job, I will not refuse it. Although I have also had serious works such as “Girls’ Dormitory” in my portfolio.

Khashayar Rad, in response to the question that if time goes back, will he go back to the same profession or not? He said: Acting has been in my blood since the beginning. Many years ago, I was a bank employee and I was even a branch manager in several branches. Today I am retired from the bank. For this reason, I emphasize that I cannot approve acting as a profession. Everyone should have another job, then go to acting as a second career. Good for the taste, but as a source of income, this job cannot be approved. Out of 10 million actors, 2 become superstars and earn huge salaries.

In the end, this actor mentioned his desire to work with directors: I would like Reza Attaran to work on TV again and invite me, or to form this collaboration for his film work. Whenever Reza Attaran invites me to work, I will gladly go. I have had the experience of working with other dear directors, and I will definitely accept their invitation to work again.

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