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A story about the life of Qaisar Aminpour in “Twins of Lovers” + film

According to a Fars News Agency radio and television correspondent, the documentary “Hamzad Asheghan” made by Touraj Kalantari, a story about the life and times of Qaisar Aminpour, a writer, university lecturer and contemporary poet, will be broadcast on Sunday, November 7, at 9 pm on the documentary network.

“Hamzad Asheghan” is a portrait of the life and professional activities of Qaisar Aminpour, and in conversations with figures such as Buick Maleki, Erfan Nazarahari, Hesamuddin Siraj, Mostafa Rahmandoust, Ali Mohammad Modab, Yaghoub Heidari, etc. It deals with chapters of the life of this influential contemporary poet.
Qaisar Aminpour is a popular and influential poet whose poems can be found in textbooks to professional literary and artistic magazines.

He started teaching at the university in 1967 at Al-Zahra University and then in 1969 he started teaching at the University of Tehran. In 1982, he was elected a permanent member of the Academy of Persian Language and Literature.

The poet received the collections of “Sudden Mirrors”, “Flowers are all sunflowers”, “Grammar of love”, “Like a spring, like a river” and “Jumping without wings” in 1968, the Crystal Amen Chicken – Nima Yoshij Award – and in 2003 as a member He was continuously elected to the Academy of Persian Language and Literature. Qaisar Aminpour died in November 2007 due to illness.

“Hamzad Asheghan” will be broadcast on Sunday, November 7, at 9 pm on the documentary network, and will be repeated the next day at 10 am.

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