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Acceptance of more than 12 thousand Nowruz passengers in North Khorasan schools

According to Arya Heritage report, quoting from the public relations of the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts of North Khorasan, Abolqasem Akbari announced this news and said: In Nowruz this year, about 12 thousand 400 travelers in the form of 2 thousand 766 families from March 24, 1401 to April 13, 1402 in North Khorasan cultural accommodation headquarters were accepted.

The Director General of North Khorasan Education added: “Accommodation Headquarters has prepared 934 rooms in 146 schools during Nowruz and accepted about 12,400 travelers in the form of 2,766 families from March 24, 1401 to April 13 of this year, hosting travelers and tourists entering We were a province.

He emphasized: During Nowruz this year, 144 chapters of the school were equipped to accommodate Nowruz travelers, and since March 29, 1402, they have been accepting cultural travelers.

Akbari said: This number of schools in the form of 920 classrooms in three categories A, B and special provided worthy services to cultural travelers.

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