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Accumulated losses of 100 thousand billion Tomans of the two automakers of the country

According to the economic correspondent of Fars News Agency, Ezatullah Akbari تالارپشتی “How do you get car money in cash from the buyer, but you do not pay the parts maker money on time?”

Criticizing the quality of production vehicles in the country, the head of the Parliamentary Committee on Industries and Mines added:Quality What you produce, in some cases, causes the death of its occupants on the roads of the country.

He continued: The parliament believes that the structure of car manufacturers should be competitive and our question is why car manufacturers have accumulated losses of 100 thousand billion tomans.

Akbari Hall “If we have good parts makers, we will also have good automakers,” he said. What are you, parts manufacturers and automakers, afraid to talk to the minister about? Our message is that there should be competition in the car industry, not that the government should leave the two car manufacturers in the backyard.

The head of the Parliamentary Committee on Industries and Mines criticized the fact that car manufacturers are indebted everywhere, and said: “Where are they working?”لنگد. A lot of money is lost in the country, one of which is the car industry.

Addressing the automakers, he said: “Conclude a purchase guarantee contract with the parts manufacturers to solve the problems related to this sector.”

Akbari “Every product must have exports in order to survive and improve, and the car is no exception, and it must communicate with the world through exports in order to survive,” he said.

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He added: “The formation of consortia by parts manufacturers in cooperation with car manufacturers to produce safe and quality cars can make production competitive.”

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