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After years of trial and error, Iranian cinema has now aligned itself with macro-cultural policies

According to Aria Heritage Report, citing the public relations of Fajr International Film Festival, Mohammad Mahdi Esmaili’s message states: “We made a pact with you, the people of culture and art and the numerous fans of Iranian cinema, who are irreplaceable social capital, to act as servants of culture and art. And in the years when we bear the heavy burden of responsibility, let’s do our utmost for the just development of cultural opportunities and spiritual and moral discourse emanating from the Islamic Revolution in the context of Iranian cinema productions. Now, we are proud that in the 41st Fajr Film Festival, due to the hard work of cinematographers who believe in human values ​​and Islamic ideals, a collection of Iranian cinema productions has been exposed to the eyes and judgment of people in order to show them in their artistic narration of passionate stories and spectacular anecdotes. and share and make them audible.

In the path of many experiences and trials and errors, Iranian cinema has now become in line with the country’s macro-cultural and artistic policies, while safeguarding the gem of free-thinking and maintaining diversity, it has become a manifestation of creating hope in the hearts of people, showing tragedies and national heroes in various fields.

During the ups and downs of Iranian cinema, hundreds of feature films, short films and documentaries were produced in all corners of the country so that Iranian cinematographers would be an honest witness for their time and not forget their social responsibilities. The holding of short and documentary film festivals and now Fajr in national and international dimensions is proof of the great capacity of Iranian cinema to accompany the people. At the beginning of the spring of Iranian cinema, a part of this record will be presented to the noble nation of Iran in the feast of light and sound and to the vastness of Iran, so that the artistic abilities of the children of this land will shine the light of hope and encouragement in them.

With the revision, the international section of the Fajr Film Festival was again placed next to the national section in order to double the attractions of the festival and to provide an opportunity to compare the capabilities of Iranian cinematographers with their foreign counterparts and to provide a context for the interaction of Iranian cinema with the cinema of other countries.

The integration of the two separate sections of the Fajr Film Festival has no meaning other than that the national and international sections of the festival can henceforth, like two powerful wings, expand the radius of the messages and the hidden and hidden thoughts of the filmmakers through the selected films.

As in the previous periods, the caravan of the 41st festival will pass through the centers of all the provinces of the country in order to unveil the gift of Iranian cinema and its innovations with the participation of the people and the exciting wave of the festival will not be limited to the cinemas of the capital.

Honorable people and dear artists of Iran, I sincerely honor your presence at the Fajr Film Festival, which is indeed a celebration of the victory of the Islamic Revolution and the days of the Decade of Fajr.

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