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Air pollution in Tehran from tomorrow in busy areas

According to Moj News Agency, based on data and meteorological forecast maps, the weather in Tehran province, during today (January 25) the sky is partly cloudy with relatively strong to strong winds in the southern half and western areas and sometimes blizzards at altitudes and decreases. Perceptible temperatures are forecast at an average of 4 to 6 degrees Celsius and freezing of the earth’s surface, especially in the northern half of the province.

The sky is clear for Sunday (January 5) and Monday (January 6) and the clouds will increase again on Tuesday (January 7) and Wednesday (January 8).

Due to the relative stability and sometimes stagnation of the atmosphere, from late Sunday (January 5) to the weekend in busy areas in some hours the accumulation of pollutants and reduced air quality is expected.

According to the General Meteorological Department of Tehran Province, Firoozkooh Station (Aminabad) with a temperature of -9 degrees Celsius has been reported as the coldest point in Tehran Province in the last 24 hours.

The sky of Tehran will be clear tomorrow (January 26) and gradually local dust with maximum and minimum temperatures of 9 and 3 degrees Celsius is forecast.

The sky of the capital on Monday (December 6) is forecast to be clear and dusty and the air temperature will reach 9 and 2 degrees Celsius in the hottest and coldest times.


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