Ajurlu will make the best decision to choose Majidi’s successor

Dariush Yazdi, a veteran of Esteghlal, said in an interview with Mehr: “I congratulate all the big families of this team on winning the 21st season of the Premier League, and I wish that these championships will continue in the future.” The championship this season was the result of a high interaction between management and technical staff, and the union that took place between all members of the family was not ineffective in this championship.

He added: “In a season when everything was in order in the club complex, the empathy between the fans and the veterans with the club complex helped to achieve this great success and I hope this season will be a great lesson for the future of this club.”

Regarding Farhad Majidi’s separation from the Blues, Yazdi said: “I really do not know the reason for Majidi’s decision, but it was a strange decision and it shocked the club and millions of fans and made the fans bitter after the championship.” In fact, Majidi’s decision did not make the championship sweet last long, and worry replaced happiness; Of course, your fans and veterans should be given the right.

“Ajurlu is an experienced manager and he understands the current crisis very well,” said the Blues veteran. He showed that he knows crisis management in Esteghlal Grand Club and he should make the best use of this experience today.

The football expert emphasized: “Today, Ajurlu has an important task and perhaps his most important mission from the beginning of his presence in Esteghlal until today.” The important task of Ajurlu today is to make the best choice in the shortest possible time and to give the best possible option to Majidi’s successor. Today’s decision will definitely affect the fate of Esteghlal next season.

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