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Alarm bells ring for Biden’s party after losing the Virginia election

According to the Hill website, in the state of Virginia, where about a year ago US President Joe Biden had 10 points more than his rival, Donald Trump, now “Terry McAliffe”, the former governor of this state and a Democrat, has lost the election.
This is despite the fact that a few months ago, the initial polls showed that McAliffe is ahead of his rivals.
In New Jersey, Assemblyman Jack Guitarley, a Republican, was in close competition with Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy. Democrats thought Murphy would easily win the state election.
But Republicans have not contented themselves with these contests and have stepped up their efforts to win a majority in the House of Representatives. Kevin McCarthy, the leader of the Republican minority in the US House of Representatives and Republican senator from the state of California, said that his party may change 60 seats in his favor. Republicans only need to win five seats in the House of Representatives to win a majority.
Analysts such as Dave Wasserman predict that Republicans will compete more closely with Democrats in states such as Arizona, Georgia and Nevada.
“The results show that Republicans can easily win a majority in the Senate and House of Representatives in the 2022 election,” he said.
President Joe Biden’s popularity has plummeted in recent months, and the same declining popularity has affected the election results in Virginia and New Jersey.
Senator Bob Menendez said the close results show a lack of popular interest in the Democratic Party, especially among minorities.
Democrat Capt. Vip Dick warns that the majority of the party will be in danger if the Democrats do not learn from the defeat in Virginia.
The US congressional election for 2022 has begun its preliminary stage and intra-party rivalry as Trump loyalists are expected to become a challenge to their party members and make things difficult for the party’s traditionalists and moderates.
According to IRNA, a total of 469 seats in the US Congress (34 seats in the Senate and all 435 seats in the House of Representatives) will be voted for the November 8, 2022 election.
In the 2022 election, 14 Democrats and 30 Republicans are set to vote in the midterm Senate race.
The composition and seats to be voted in this election are also important because it could affect the majority of these two major US parties in Congress.
In addition, some current members of Congress do not intend to run again, so that by October 2021, 29 members of Congress, including five members of the Senate and 24 members of the US House of Representatives, have stated that they will not run for re-election.
Seventeen members, including five senators and 12 deputies, have announced their retirement. All five retired members of the Senate are Republicans from North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Alabama and Missouri, and eight retired members of the House of Representatives are Democrats and four are Republicans.
Twelve members of the US House of Representatives are running for office. Four Republicans and three Democrats are running for the U.S. Senate, one Republican and one Democrat are running for governor, one Republican is running for secretary of state, one is running for mayor, and one is running for state attorney general.
None of the members of the US Senate will run for office.

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