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An increase of 11 thousand and 235 points in the index of the Tehran Stock Exchange

According to the economic reporter of Fars news agency, Tehran Stock Exchange Today, it was in a growing fluctuating trend, so that at the end of trading, the total index reached 2 million 89 thousand 948 units with an increase of 11 thousand 235 points compared to the previous day.

Also, the equal weight index reached 630,724 units with an increase of 8,198 units.

The market value of the Tehran Stock Exchange reached more than 7 million and 734 thousand billion Tomans.

Today, traders traded more than 1.7 billion shares, preemptive rights and financial bonds in the form of more than 1.3 million transactions worth 12,294 billion tomans.

All stock market indices turned green today. The total index and the price index with the weighted-value criterion grew by 54 percent. These two indices increased by 1.3 percent with equal weight.

Free floating index increased by 0.5%. The index of the first market of the stock exchange grew by 15 percent and the index of the second market of the stock exchange increased by 1.02 percent.

Today, the symbols of Persian Gulf Petrochemical, Middle East Mineral Holding, Iran Khodro, and Mapna had the greatest increasing effect, respectively, and the symbols of Mobarakeh Steel, Meli Copper, and Nouri Petrochemical had the greatest decreasing effect on the stock market index.

Today, the total index increased by 217 units to reach 25 thousand 578 units in the foreign exchange of Iran. The daily value of the first and second markets of Iran’s over-the-counter market reached more than one million 405 thousand billion tomans.

The base market value of OTC was 435 thousand billion tomans.

Today, traders traded more than 8.8 billion shares, preemptive rights and financial bonds in the form of 501 thousand transaction items worth 52 thousand 450 billion tomans. With this account, the value of today’s stock and over-the-counter transactions reached about 65 thousand billion tomans.

Of course, today, according to the routine of Mondays, open market operations were carried out in the banking network for Central Bank debt securities transactions. Today, 537 million sheets of government debt securities were traded between banks in the form of 71 transactions, with a value of 46 thousand billion tomans. It is displayed in OTC transactions.

Today, the symbols of Aria Sasol, Financial Sepehr Saderat, Tendgoyan Petrochemical, Lavan Oil Refinery and Bank D left the most increasing effect in the OTC index respectively, and the symbols of Maron Petrochemical and Zagros Petrochemical left the most decreasing effect in the OTC index. has put

According to Fars report, this year the index of the Tehran Stock Exchange has been growing and the peak of 2 million units has been conquered and there are three days left at this point, but at the same time, the risk and volatility of the market should not be neglected. The capital market is one of the important places to provide liquidity in the market, and the government, by supporting the stock exchange, is trying to place the stock market as a source of funding for companies along with banks.

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